The contributor to Sonic Origins shares frustrations about the state of the game

The contributor to Sonic Origins shares frustrations about the state of the game ...

Sonic Origins'' debut yesterday saw the return of the blue blurs classic Mega Drive/Genesis games on modern consoles. For the first time, Sonic 3 has been ported to consoles thanks to fresh, HD upgrades.

To make this version possible, Headcannon one of the developers who created the spectacular Sonic Mania worked with Sega to recreate the classic interlocking duo in the Retro Engine. Now that the collection is out, Stealth the alias of Headcannon''s Simon Thomley has acknowledged some of the issues with the final release and shared some of the difficulties behind them on Twitter.

The whole thread (which is quite long and worth reading in its entirety) explains how Stealth and the team submitted a build that they believe required some fixes, but Stealth noted some bugs in the final build that was not present in Headcannon''s build the result of Sega''s integration of the team''s work into the overall Origins game.

Sega is currently waiting to hear back from anyone who has contacted him on whether or not to implement some post-release modifications.

Stealth is genuinely aware to clarify that the issue is complicated, and he and other members who acted on this version of Sonic 3 are extremely complimentary of Sega employees who are called out by name, including the head of the Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka:

Sega has yet to comment or announce if patches will be issued. While the topics cited above may go unnoticed by new players of the games, Sonic fans who started with the series in the 1990s have been making many changes. However, the greatest changes that have been made to Michael Jackson and his team, most notably from Yuji Naka himself.

If there are any changes to the game, please tell us!

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