How To Get Wood In Raft

How To Get Wood In Raft ...

Raft''s vast open-world is surprisingly relaxing. When players hunger or thirsty, reality strikes, and it''s time to collect materials and food to endure the harsh waters.

To survive in Raft, using materials such as wood (plank) is essential to keep the game safe, but everything is required for wood to be properly managed and handled. Players must follow several methods to quickly collect as much as possible.

How To Get Wood In Raft

There are several methods to get wood in Raft. Early on, players may notice that planes are scattered all over the ocean, and they may gather them using their hands or a Plastic Hook. However, later, there are options to get wood.

When collecting oceans floating loot, it is crucial to prioritize barrels because they have four to six random materials inside them. What makes them a priority is having a lower percentage to proc on wood than other materials. Leaving players with at least two pieces of wood on every barrel

A loot box, similar to barrels, consists of several components. Similar to barrels, loot boxes are higher in percentages of dropping wood instead of other materials.

Players can cut trees on each island they come across. Typically, small islands have two to three trees on them, while the big ones have many more. That might be beneficial considering each tree will grant two to three plans of wood, as well as other items like leaves and fruits.

Collection Nets are the most effective method to collect wood in Raft. They automatically catch floating components that come through them. They aren''t hard to craft, therefore players may spam them all over their structure.

Gathering wood in Raft may be tedious, but having a solid line of Nets will capture all of the material out of the ocean. Therefore, the player''s structure covers the distance, the more wood it will collect automatically. Players can find themselves with hundreds of knives, so get larger storage ready to provide all of the wood.

In Raft, players must keep an eye out and keep an eye on. One error is enough to make the raft away from all the materials into a vast ocean of nothingness. This lost time will wreak havoc on players, so always ensure the structure is heading towards the waves of floating materials.

Players should not build the Nets on the edge of the structure. This will make them vulnerable to Sharks'' attacks. Instead, build at least one layer of foundation before and after the nets to protect them.

Raft is now available on PC.