In the latest Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, Chris Hemsworth begins the splits

In the latest Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, Chris Hemsworth begins the splits ...

Taika Waititis'' movies in Thor have taken a more aggressive approach in the 80s. There is a sense of humor similar to many action comedy films from the 1990s, and the new trailer, which is now available on Thursday, includes the 1987 Sweet Child O Mine.

The trailer for Chris Hemsworths, based in the 80s, has seemed to be making crazes. We see Thor leap up in the air to intercept two speeding vehicles, holding them in place with only the power of his legs.

It''s not surprising that Van Damme actually did the splits in his movies, and this is pretty clearly a stitched together CG effect, a tactic Marvel productions rely on heavily. However, the homage is nice, but it lacks the aesthetic and truth of the original.

Van Damme is a model of his generation in challenging and inspiring ways, and it feels like a missed opportunity to recreate some of the magic, if the reference is what they were going for.

Weve talked about the fun time Van Dammes Lionheart is on our list of the best martial arts movies you can watch at home, and a young Van Damme in Universal Soldier: Reckoning is on our list of the best thrillers you can watch at home. Bloodsport, which is featured in the image above, is an all-time classic that you can watch for free with ads on Tubi or Pluto TV, and Sudden Death is a zany, silly moment in which Van Damme fights the Pittsburgh Penguin

Chris Hemsworth should have actually learned how to deal with the splits, according to my personal message! If you want to bring back that 80s action star energy, you should bring it all the way back.