Raft beginner guide, advice, and tricks

Raft beginner guide, advice, and tricks ...

Raft was just released from early access, and as with most open-world survival games, it can be daunting to start. Weve provided a few suggestions that we wish we could have known before embarking on our tiny plank raft. Weve provided some suggestions that may be unanswered, such as new or old players.

Take the time to get your raft started and get supplies.

Take your time to make the materials you need, build your raft, and build your home. It''s also important to sail around to find basic building materials (planks, plastic, and palm leaves), so don''t worry if you need to dive further before crossing any of the story islands.

Remember to give items to your Research Table

To learn new recipes using the research table, you must provide one material to the Research Table. This can be tricky, but make sure you''re using the table as you explore new environments.

Seek materials underwater at islands

In reefs around random islands, material such as seaweed and debris can be discovered underwater. You may swim down to collect these must-have materials, allowing you to explore underwater just as much as you explore the area.

Take advantage of Shark Bait

The shark that stalks your raft will attack you when it spots you underwater. You may kite the shark with a spear, but you may also use Shark Bait to extract it easily. The shark will bite the bait, allowing you to get a free hit on it before the bait comes off. This way you should be able to defeat the shark before the bait is gone.

Once the shark is dead, you may harvest it for meat and swim freely... until it respawns.

Dont stay at random islands for too long

Early on, it may be tempting to stay awhile on a random island, but you will need more planks and plastic to maintain your tools and fuel. If you lose clean water or cooked food, youll eventually die of hunger or dehydration, so you should set sail for additional materials several times before that happens.

Keep food and drink on you while exploring

Always bring food and drink when exploring the larger story islands. Some later islands have cooked food hidden inside to assist tide you over, but there is no reliable source of food and water. You wont want to leave your trip early just to return to the ship for food, so keep it on your plate.

Fishing is the key to having tons of food

Make a fishing rod as quickly as possible, as fishing is a free source of tons of food. Slap any fish on the grill and you''ll be set for a long time. You''ll also need specific fish to make Shark Bait.

Put your planters indoors to avoid seagulls

If your raft ends up too big or youre lacking in keeping tabs on those sea rats, try to place your plants inside to avoid them altogether.

Select specific amounts of items from stacks using the scroll wheel.

Although this is less of a gameplay tip and more of a quality-of-life tip, you must know that you don''t have to take things out of the storage one-by-one or in their entirety. Using the scroll wheel, you may select the quantity of items you need to get.