In Fallout 76, how do you get the Medical Malpractice weapon?

In Fallout 76, how do you get the Medical Malpractice weapon? ...

Medical Malpractice was a weapon that was later released as part of the Wild Appalachia reboot for Fallout 76. This weapon is designed with the idea of V.A.T.S. in mind so those who have a build focused on the targeting system should know that this weapon is worth the effort it takes to get. This is one of the go-to items when you are a little girl on health and looking to support your team. Unfortunately, it will take a while to obtain.

Medical Malpractice stats

The Medical Malpractice weapon is capable of being used at a weapons workbench. The basic features of the weapon aren''t the most amazing with a base damage of around 60. This can be enhanced by the use of the various revolver mods used by dealers and by demantling other revolvers found in the wastelands.

  • V.A.T.S. criticals will heal you and your nearby allies
  • +33% V.A.T.S. hit chance
  • 25% less V.A.T.S. Action Points cost

If you depend more on V.A.T.S., these benefits will enable you to fire this weapon very effectively. Those who aren''t focused on V.A.T.S. should steer away from this weapon and focus on a higher-powered weapon.

How to obtain the Medical Malpractice

The only way to obtain the Medical Malpractice weapon is by crafting it. While you used to be able to obtain this weapon from a survival challenge, it is best to complete the Daily Op with the Elder Tier, which offers you a Daily Op reward.

  • One Adhesive
  • Two Legendary Modules
  • One Oil
  • Six Screws
  • 15 Steel

Make sure to turn any additional legendary weapons and armor you may have into Scrip at one of the railway stations if you need help. Legendary Modules can be purchased from the Purveyor.