The Best Amazon Prime Horror Films (June 2022)

The Best Amazon Prime Horror Films (June 2022) ...

Halloween is a spooky season, but every day is a good day for horror. Amazon Prime Video''s now streaming collection is filled with creepy delights. It has a broad spectrum of terror-inducing films that should be tailored to everyone''s needs, and there is enough content to cover months of afternoons rather than a weekend.

The sheer amount of films on Amazon Prime Video is overwhelming, and selecting which movies to prioritize may be difficult. Ultimately, the choices come down to personal preference, but a few films certainly stand out from the crowd as being particularly memorable (and frightening). Let''s take a look at the best horror movies on Amazon Prime Video.

A Quiet Place Part 2 (2021)

Director John Krasinski
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 91

A Quiet Place did not require a sequel, but the follow-up accomplished its existence anyway. This part''s selling point is that it forces the characters to venture out of their home and into the realm of A Quiet Place, a decision that suggests Evelyn and her children might face threats beyond just monsters.

The strongest sequence in A Quiet Place Part 2 takes place prior to the events of the previous film, and the prologue chronicles the events of Day 1 in the eyes of the Abbott family, and this short section is incredible.

Check it out on Prime Video here!

Carrie (1976)

Director Brian De Palma
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 93

Carrie, based on Stephen King''s seminal horror novel, explores a strange tale of a young lady experiencing unsettling situations while living with her oppressive mother. She is both sympathetic and unsettling as the titular teenager, and she is matched by an absolutely terrifying performance by Piper Laurie as Carrie''s mother. The remaining cast members are also generally fantastic, including a young John Travolta and Nancy Allen.

Carrie''s bloody third act has already been mastered, and the rest of the film is fast as good as the closing paragraph is, masterfully consolidating tension through both quiet and aggressive scenes.

Check it out on Prime Video here!

Trilogy Of Terror (1975)

Director Dan Curtis
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 93

This anthology movie has three horror shorts, each one named after a character portrayed by Karen Black. These three stories are able to seem like a little cheesy by today''s standards, although the generally solid performances of the cast greatly aid in selling them.

  • Julie Chad has a crush on his teacher, Julie, and decides to pursue her through awful means. Quite an uncomfortable sit at times, "Julie" culminates with arguably the weakest twist of the trilogy, although it is still satisfying.
  • Millicent and Therese Dr. Ramsey is Millicent''''s therapist who has been helping her cope with her manipulative twin sister, Therese. A passable short let down by an overly predictable conclusion, Black''''s performance as both siblings helps elevate this story to acceptable heights.
  • Amelia By far the best part of this anthology movie, "Amelia" finds the eponymous character dealing with a sentient and very violent doll. Creepy, entertaining, and rewatchable, this short is a masterclass in creature horror and justifies sitting through the previous two unspectacular segments.

Check it out on Prime Video here!

Shaun Of The Dead (2004)

Director Edgar Wright
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 92

The dangerous side to a zombie apocalypse is found in Shaun of the Dead. A tribute to George A. Romero''s genre films, Edgar Wright explores the lines between parody and sincerity, resulting in a hilarious experience that transcends humanity.

If the audience doesn''t care about whether the main characters survive, this horror film is likely to fall flat. Shaun of the Dead excels in this area, presenting a large set of individuals who come across as real people rather than just fodder for the undead.

Check it out on Prime Video!

A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)

Director Tony Ching Siu Tung
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 67

A Chinese Ghost Story has all of the elements of a horror film, with the caveat that the film does not strive to be frightening. A debt collector shelters an abandoned temple and falls in love with a ghost, and they both strive to protect themselves.

This romance story is enthralled with uplifting imagery and even a hint of comedy. A Chinese Ghost Story is a moving piece with strong structure and cinematography.

This is why you can check it out on Prime Video!

Saint Maud

Director Rose Glass
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 93

Saint Maud takes a horrifying look into faith and obsession. She is unable to help her dying patient''s soul. She will go to any extreme to accomplish her goal, and things get choppy quickly.

Saint Maud prefers to depict the story''s events from the perspective of the nurse, raising concerns about what is happening. This feature also adds a degree of compassion to this horrifying character.

Find it out on Prime Video here!

Black Box (2020)

Director Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 70

Black Box, blending sci-fi, horror, and character-driven drama, focuses on Nolan, a father who lost his wife in a car accident that left him with memory loss. This non only makes him difficult to fully connect with his wife, but also allows him to reclaim the feelings of guilt. So, he undergoes a unique form of experimental therapy to fill in the gaps.

As Nolan revisits key moments from his forgotten life, the film progresses towards an effective crescendo, Black Box fills in enthuse.

Check it out on Prime Video here!

Carnival Of Souls (1962)

Director Herk Harvey
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 86

Although it didn''t attract an audience upon release, Carnival of Souls gained a broad following over the next decades, and it has now been hailed as one of the finest low-budget horror films of the 1960s. Mary Henry begins a journey to a new city but fails to immerse herself in this situation. Eventually, she finds herself attracted to a deserted carnival.

Carnival of Souls blurs the line between reality and the unarthly through effective sound design and framing. Even if it does not deliver much in the way of awful scenes, the film is constantly disorienting and compelling.

Vous pouvez l''obtenir sur Prime Video.

Train To Busan (2016)

Director Yeon Sang-ho
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 94

Zombies have been done to death, yet they continue to seek a replacement for others. Train to Busan''s eponymous style does nothing to hinder the film''s clarity, as it reveals a new, intelligent and engaging story about a father who wants to protect his child. Train to Busan also highlights social class and guilt.

Train to Busan is just entertaining, with both action set pieces and quieter scenes hitting the mark.

Check it out on Prime Video here!

Maniac (1980)

Director William Lustig
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 40

Maniac is a serial killer film that starts at the start of the 1980s, rather than something in the vein of Friday the 13th. This is an important point to make as a viewer must not only be aware of this grimy classic, but also recognize how uncomfortable of a watch this film is.

Maniac follows the disturbed Frank Zito as he commits a string of gruesome murders. These shocking scenes are separated by equally troubling scenes that demonstrate the killer''s capacity for manipulation. Joe Spinell''s performance is nothing short of fantastic.

Check it out on Prime Video!

Suspiria (2018)

Director Luca Guadagnino
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 65

Suspiria, based on Dario Argento''s 1977 horror film, removes quite a bit of the mystery from the film, opting to drop Dakota Johnson in a school filled with witches while confirming that the situation is true.

Suspiria, reminiscent of the classic film, revels in gore and blood, despite its appearance having an aesthetic that is far seedier than its predecessor. Suspiria is a powerful experiment in symbolic horror, which is generally a success.

Check it out on Prime Video here!

House (1986)

Director Steve Miner
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 57

The delightful spookfest from Steve Miner is one of the few Amazon Prime video movies that is suitable for the whole family. House also screams Halloween, whether it be through its stunning practical effects or an sense of humor.

The story follows a writer who tries to write a book in an inherited house. Naturally, the author has a few demons to deal with, and this house is just the best place to get some therapy done.

Check it out on Prime Video here!

Tumbbad (2018)

Directors Rahi Anil Barve, Adesh Prasad
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 85

Tumbbad, an ambitious Indian film, is soaked in culture, mysticism, and spirit. Vinayak Rao, escaping from a family straddled with a curse, seeks to secure a secret treasure out of pure greed. Tumbbad boasts stunning cinematography and locations, revealing scenes that have sparked a sense of wonder.

Tumbbad is unlike any other Amazon Prime Video horror film, and the story takes a while to enthuse true terror behind its concepts and mystery. This film, at its heart, is a fairy tale, although it has no time for surprises.

Check it out on Prime Video here!

House On Haunted Hill (1959)

Director William Castle
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 89

Despite Vincent Price''s enduring endeavors, this 1959 film explores the haunted house blueprint and throws in a captivating mystery, as well as presenting scares and laughs with its game performers and exceptional effects.

This classic is a film that spans you through a carnival haunted house; as a result, scares may be mixed with laughter and lack genuine fright, but everyone is having a good time.

Check it out on Prime Video below!

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (1976)

Director Nicolas Gessner
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 93

Jodie Foster presents The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane in a hilarious performance involving two key topics: blackmail, independence, and abuse. The Little Girl Performing on the Front End is relatively straight, with the horror elements both very well being human and relatable.

Even if it is not the best choice for a Halloween watch party, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane was a time-consuming release.

Check it out on Prime Video here!

Oculus (2013)

Director Mike Flanagan
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 75

Mike Flanagan has steadily elaborated an impressive horror filmography; Oculus isn''t the filmmaker''s best work, but it aided him in bringing him to a wider audience. Oculus is focused on stuttering psychological fear over jump scares, and reveals that her main character, Kaylie, has dedicated her life to proveing.

Oculus is a character study with powerful performances and nightmarish visuals. This horror film will get under the skins of individuals.

Hellraiser (1987)

Director Clive Barker
Rotten Tomatoes Average Score 72

Fans of Clive Barker who have a Amazon Prime Video subscription may stream the first two Hellraiser films, although the rest of the franchise''s entries aren''t included in the basic version of the streaming service. Hellraiser is a visually engaging experience that strikes a bad tone unlike any other horror franchise.

The Cenobites are unique entities that do not contradict the movie''s narrative, which does a great job of exploring its human characters. Pinhead has evolved into a horror legend, and the series has yet to produce a sequel that exceeds the original film.

Check it out on Prime Video here!

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