Review of The Boys Season 3 Episode 6

Review of The Boys Season 3 Episode 6 ...

Season 3, Episode 6, of The Boys, was exactly as magical as it was always promising to be, even if things started out a bit slowly. This episode, though, fans of The Boys comics have been waiting for since the show first arrived on Amazon Prime Video. Although Herogasm was something that people have been waiting for for years, there were also a few other scenes that have been waiting for since at least the beginning of the season.

Most of the time, those accusations are made clear. The first few weeks of the episode where scenes absolutely did not need to be included, in order to outrage and shock the audience. However, this week, things were forced so much down, which means people would not have been blamed if they were concerned about the lack of all the Herogasm hype.

This week''s episode picks up roughly where last week ended, with Butcher''s crew still picking up the pieces from Komiko being taken out by Soldier Boy and then Frenchie being taken away by Little Nina. Meanwhile, Mother''s Milk and Star Light are working to sort out how to prevent Hughie, Butcher, and Soldier Boy from going on a killing spree. Meanwhile, Homelander is investigating the fact that a "terrorist" attack killed 19 people and is beginning to stymie the

This disaster gave viewers a real sense of what goes on in Homelander''s mind. It explains why he is the way he is and for the first time since the show began, demonstrated that there is some flaw inside him. That''s why everybody should be very, very afraid of him if conversations ever stop, because it would mean that there''s only one side of the man who might stoke everyone on the planet if he really wanted.

Then there''s the other side of the coin, and the man that Butcher and Hughie are attempting to stop Homelander. Soldier Boy, who is now recovering from being taken out of the freezer, is making use of the world as it is today and there was certainly some comedy gold there. Partly because it does seem to fit into the cast''s larger context, especially given Jensen Ackles. He seems to have polished that ability while playing Dean Winchester for years on Supernatural.

There is also Herogasm and everything that comes along with it. When the Deep arrives at their house, realizes that he''s stumbled onto the legendary Herogasm. This little twist is also a relatively small departure from how the comics used it this season, but it certainly makes sense that it would need to be retconned.

This was a kind of escape for all of Vought''s heroes so they could escape some turmoil. In those stories, there is always a cover story, like a huge threat to the planet that allows the Supes to disappear for a few days. This time around, it''s not merely intended to titillate and outrage. This is also where some of the best faceoffs in the series go down. Some of the most are physical fights and others are just people working things out. But all

There was also a fight that people have been waiting for, which showed just how well the characters have been shown so far. This wasn''t Batman vs Superman but Homelander vs. Soldier Boy had that same kind of gravitas mainly because there really is a question of who would win when the two of them were punching. And the fight scene really did deliver. It was one of the scenes that keeps fans on the edge of their seat unsure if one side or the other was coming out on top.

The tension didn''t leave much to be desired as it was a confrontation of the Titans but the characters that followed were equally impressive. MM and Annie played a key role in this episode, although the action and drama were generally excellent in the last few weeks. It''s going to be difficult for the final couple of weeks to follow this episode.