The Jon Snow series is real, and it was Kit Harington's idea, according to George R.R. Martin

The Jon Snow series is real, and it was Kit Harington's idea, according to George R.R. Martin ...

Kit Harington admits to having a lot of time in Westeros on Thursday that HBO is planning a sequel spinoff series about Jon Snow. Martin couldnt provide any further details on the series, implying that fans should look out for an official HBO announcement instead.

Snow''s sequel series has been given the working title, and it will reportedly focus on Jon Snows'' life following the events of the Game of Thrones HBO series. In an interview with the BBC, Emilia Clarke said Harington had told her about the show, and that he was heavily involved from top to bottom.

Martin confirms this as well, claiming the series was Harington''s idea. Martin added that Harington chose the writers and showrunners for the series, and that the actor and his team came to New Mexico to collaborate with the Martins and Martins team to develop the series'' story and narrative.

Martin, who is now a TV veteran, writes in his blog that this series is only in development at the moment and not officially greenlit. That means that this show may still be made, or could get a pilot, but there is no series order, like the Game of Thrones Long Night prequel.

Snow is the fourth live-action Game of Thrones spinoff currently underway. There are also a series called Ten Thousand Ships, and a series called Sea Snake (or possibly Nine Voyages) as well as the Dunk & Egg series, which will either be called The Hedge Knight or A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. There are also several animated Game of Thrones projects in the works.

None of these series, which are still using working titles for now, have been officially greenlighted, and will likely depend on the success of House of the Dragon, which is due to be released on HBO in August.

If this series does not go until the end of the day, it may not be for a long time, especially since we haven''t known anything about it before.