'The Boys': 7 Supes That Weren't in the Comics

'The Boys': 7 Supes That Weren't in the Comics ...

The Boys'' series of characters from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson''s comic book series is based on the same name, with some exceptions, and the majority of them have been removed from the chapters. Apart from that, there is a slew of characters that haven''t yet been found.

Despite the fact that there are dozens of suggestions on offer, Eric Kripke''s TV adaptation is unique to the onscreen universe and has been specifically designed for the live-action version. Several of the films, however, are all notable and serve a critical purpose.


Doubleganger (Dan Darin-Zanco) is able to form-shift and mimic anyone they want, as well as being able to perfectly mimic their voice. First seen in Season 1, disguised as Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue), Doppelganger has often been employed by Homelander to express his wildest and most disturbing fantasies. There''s even a scene in which Homelander encounters his own neck before gazing upon his own lifeless body.

The series creators agreed to have an innovative approach to Doppelganger. While it provide a platform for viewers to see Homelander''s weirdest dreams, it often leaves us guessing. For the most part, scenes involving him started with him in the form of someone else, leaving viewers dissatisfied. After Doppelganger can no longer hold the form, it becomes clear.


Shockwave, portrayed by Mishka Thebaud, is most notably A-Train''s greatest competitor. A-Train, a supe with the ability to run at low frequencies, was never able to succeed. At this point, A-Train was forced into retirement from The Seven, and he was sent to retirement as the group''s speedster. There is not much else to the extent that Shockwave has knowledge of himself, even though he has an advantage over him.

The choice to create A-Train for the series gives him the opportunity to expand his character''s anxieties, while showing how he not only has his age to worry about, but also the danger of new blood lurking over him, allowing him to take his coveted spot in the most prestigious of Vought''s ensembles.


Ezekiel (Shaun Benson) is a Christian accused of threatening to demonize homosexuality. Hughie used his advantage by taking photographs of Ezekiel during an intimate session with other individuals to steal information about a shipment of Compound V. This is the last we''ve seen of Ezekiel for now, but Benson did a fantastic job in his portrayal, which would not be surprising to him again.

A very similar storyline in The Boys comics involving a supe called Jack from Jupiter. Jack has very similar traits to Ezekiel, being a Christian who also shames homosexuality despite his own respect for men. It''s probably for this reason that the creators decided to revamp the story for Ezekiel, as the role is quite minor.


Gecko (David Thompson) is depicted as a close friend of Starlight, who met at the Capes for a Christian camp with Hughie. When they see him, they learn of him''s regenerative abilities as well as the side-hustle he is running. Starlight records Gecko on film in order to get some Compound V, which Gecko has access to.

Gecko''s character''s history isn''t exactly clear in this instance, considering that his regen abilities aren''t necessarily crucial to the plot. It does allow for the series'' creators to keep these comic characters hidden for a future appearance.


Blindspot (Chris Mark) is a sightless supe. He makes up for this with his super-hearing and hyper-awareness, demonstrated when he sees Homelander in a similar position to Shockwave, showing their inclusivity, but Homelander dismissed the truth. Blindspot was appalled by Ashley''s dislike of someone with a disability, leaving him both deaf and blind.

Blindspot''s purpose seemed to be to to clarify Homelander''s depravity. It demonstrates his disgust against anyone more than perfect, and was a great way of highlighting his true ruthlessness.


After a scene similar to Ant-Man, Termite is capable of shrinking to a modest extent, and is only ever seen using his abilities to respond to sexual fantasies. This time, Termite is often seen diving inside a woman in a supe bar. This time at Herogasm, he is badly burned following the devastating blast that preceded him on and killed by Homelander.

Termite doesn''t have any intriguing narrativelines, but is truly a welcome addition to The Boys'' universe. After his untimely death, he''ll likely be missed.

Blue Hawk

Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler) is well-known for his over-aggressive attitude toward A-Train''s Black neighborhood. Particularly, Blue Hawk appears to target A-Train''s brother''s neighborhood, putting him at danger as he runs with him, killing Blue Hawk and seemingly himself.

Blue Hawk''s construction allows the series to dive deeper into A-Train''s tradition of staying in touch with his heritage. It allows A-Train to see him in a new light, showing a more caring attitude to the one he previously displayed. It also demonstrates that deep down A-Train has strong morals and a sense of pride for his fellow members.