The Best Azumarill Build for Pokemon Unite

The Best Azumarill Build for Pokemon Unite ...

Azumarill, the second most recent addition to the absurdly popular MOBA Pokemon Unite, has been released in June. It is literally designed for 1-on-1 encounters and really exceeds between close and medium-range, allowing auto-attacks in between abilities. Azumarill, thanks to its passive, massive power, always responds when hitting one enemy (for 150 percent instead of 200 Attack Damage) and never responds when hitting multiple.

This sounds like Azumarill has broken amounts of Attack, but this passive is exactly why the Pokemon is strong in the early-game and weak in the late-game, where team fights are constant. And, since Azumarill''s release, it has received many buffs for its damage, specific moves, and its overall health to improve it, so let''s talk about what Build currently works best for this little Water-Fairy gremlin in Pokemon Unite.

Laning & Leveling Options

Let''s start off with a discussion about where Azumarill players should go in terms of their Lane, as well as how they approach picking their moves.

Azumarill now works as a Top Lane solo All-Rounder and as a fast-clearing Jungler. The Jungler variation is great towards Azumarill''s design, as it will get tons of crits against the Jungle Pokemon, but it does struggle a bit with chasing down opponents and mobility in general. Meanwhile, a Top Lane variation is focused on Azumarill locking down the top of Top Lane from afar with Water Pulse and clogging anyone who gets

With every upgrade to Azumarill, a Play Rough + Aqua Tail build proved to be somewhat successful, but players will have to go for 1-on-1 encounters and focus on just picking off single targets. Moves'' Standard options are a bit like this:

  • Level 1: Tackle
  • Level 3: Bubble
  • Level 5: Whirlpool
  • Level 7: Water Pulse
  • Then Grab Belly Bash, Azumarill''''s Unite Move
  • Upgrade Whirlpool First then Water Pulse

What Held Items & Battle Items To Use

The Held Items Azumarill uses have been subjected to debate since the Pokemon was released, and have always included a different set of items:

  • Attack Weight
  • Buddy Barrier
  • Focus Band
  • Muscle Band
  • Scope Lens
  • Weakness Policy

When picking any of Azumarill''s Held Items, you should check whether the damage/frequency of attacks is increased or does it synergize with Belly Bash or improve Azumarill''s survivability? However, these are the most commonly used items for this relatively new Watery All-Rounder. Scope Lens, Weakness Policy, and Focus Band

When it comes to Azumarill''s Battle Item choice, it''s entirely up to the individual. Azumarill struggles with Mobility, so items like X Speed and Eject Button improve its ability to do damage during encounters. This depends on the type of Azumarill the player wants to play, but X Speed is likely to be the most popular option among the players.

The Overall Build

Finally, it''s time to go over the Build as a whole as how Azumarill "ranks" in comparison to all of the other playable Pokemon. Azumarill is a major competitor of default but is not weak either, but it''s another one of those Pokemon that is hyper-dependant on the player''s skill level. Now, with all the information combined, let''s go over the final "strongest" build for Azumarill, which can be seen in the image above or in the

Lane Choice Held Items Battle Items Move Choice & Upgrade Path
Middle Path (Jungler) Scope Lens, Weakness Policy, and Focus Band (with Buddy Barrier on backup) X Speed
  1. Tackle
  2. Bubble
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Water Pulse
  5. Belly Bash
  6. Upgraded Whirlpool
  7. Upgraded Water Pulse

Azumarill has a lot more mobility, can easily level on Jungle Mobs, deals a ton more damage, especially when low on HP, has a close and long-range attack option, and can reclaim itself fairly easily with Whirlpool. Using this Build, Azumarill can even participate in chaotic team encounters and still contribute even without crits thanks to its damage-buffing Held Items and AoE Whirlpool sustain.

Players should solely focus on farming in Jungle before they develop, and then look for encounters they may get from one-to-one attacks before returning to roaming and clearing out Drednaw and Rotom spawns once they''ve got their hands on.

Pokemon Unite is available for download on Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices.