The Space Ranger and His Trusty Robot Cat are featured in the 'Lightyear' hot toy

The Space Ranger and His Trusty Robot Cat are featured in the 'Lightyear' hot toy ...

Lightyear, Pixar''s latest animated feature, is also the movie that Andy loved in the Toy Story universe, and it gives us that Star Wars charm and style that led to him wanting the cartoon version in toy form. Yes, that''s confusing, but you can get it with it. Again, this is very exciting.

The first step in the process is by far the most essential: "It''s a stunning recreation of the Space Ranger suit, complete with all Buzz''s badges and insignia." "In addition to the visual appeal, the laser gun, the blade, the blaster cannon, a pair of handcuffs, and more," says the figure. "As you get the Deluxe version of the 1/6 scale Buzz Lightyear figure, you also get Sox!

Sox (voiced by Peter Sohn) stole fans'' hearts with his willingness to do whatever he was required of him and his ability to quickly decide how much he would do for Buzz Lightyear. It includes shooting his opponents with darts and giving Buzz five minutes to figure out his next course of action. It also includes the "Soxs computer, and also the iconic wing pack with two different swap-out metallic wings!"

Lightyear is another entry into the Pixar catalog and a classic one at that. It may seem confusing on paper but makes Andy want the new Buzz toy makes a lot more sense in the Toy Story franchise. It is a must-see to really understand Buzz''s character as a result of Tim Allen''s performance in the franchise. It''s also so fun that having a Buzz and Sox figure in your collection just sounds amazing.

Both the Buzz Lightyear 1/6 Scale Figure and the Buzz Lightyear (Deluxe Version) 1/6 Scale Figure are available for pre-order now on, and this is definitely a fantastic figure to add to your collection if you''re ready to go to infinity, and beyond!