Baz Luhrmann mocked Elvis as Shakespeare as a result of millions of dollars being invested in Tom Hanks

Baz Luhrmann mocked Elvis as Shakespeare as a result of millions of dollars being invested in Tom Ha ...

Baz Luhrmanns Elvis is sure to be one of the most polarizing music biopics ever, with its fiery trailers generating plenty of discussion in recent months. While much of the discussion has focused on the Australian directors'' famously maximalist style, Tom Hanks has also been paid attention. On the back of the game, the Forest Gump player uses an unfamiliar outfit to play Elvis Presleys manager, Tom Parker, sparking a lot of interest.

Hanks said he was interested in the relationship between the two men''s actions as part of his research with EW.

With Baz''s remarks, there would have been no Colonel Tom Parker without Elvis. And then I said, "Oh, yeah, now that''s completely new," Hanks said. Because I dont know what Colonel Tom Parker looks like. I am unaware of what he says. He has never been identified as anything other than this mercurial or puppeteer-like, quasi-evil, greedy manager who took advantage of Elvis from the start.

Hanks was asked why Parker played a crucial role in the Elvis version that Luhrmann had chosen to tell due to a different approach.

Why is it possible to include the Colonel in all of this? he said. One reason is because the Elvis story has become a trope. Everyone is very familiar with it. I dont think it was done the most appropriate justice in order to explain why Elvis was this bend in American culture.

Hanks was also interested in Shakespeare''s power struggles at play, especially since he had just finished playing Falstaff in a production of Henry IV when Luhrmann approached him about the role.

After hearing Luhrmanns initial pitch, I told Baz, but youre decribing Falstaff and Hal,'' Hanks said. And Baz said, exactly, except with millions of dollars invested in it.

Because of his Shakespearean flair, he learned to face the challenge of playing Col. Tom Parker, although Hanks believes that he is far less important to the film than Austin Butler.

Practicing Elvis is like playing Jesus, according to the narrator. It doesn''t really matter who plays Pontius Pilate, because if you have a good Jesus, you got it.

Elvis is now playing in cinemas.