In BitLife, how can you become a Marine Biologist?

In BitLife, how can you become a Marine Biologist? ...

This guide explains how to become a Marine Biologist in BitLife. It''s a complicated profession. You will need your character to complete several years of training and ensure that his character has the required Smart skills to deal with these obstacles. This guide explains how to get a Marine Biologist in BitLife.

How to get the Marine Biologist job

Before they get to college, your character will need to master their Smarts skill. You can do it on the Activities tab, selecting the Mind & Body option, and selecting a book to read once a year. Make sure you select the Study Harder option at least once per year. This will take time until your character completes school.

When you go to college, select the Biology major and ask for it to complete it for university. This will take four years to complete. You may consistently read books or visit the library, and be sure to choose the Study Harder option under the Education tab, similar to when they were in high school.

The next step is for your character to complete graduate school. Instead, you only want to choose the graduate school option, which will last two years.

After those many years at school, your character will be able to search for the Marine Biologist job. It will be in the Occupation tab, beneath Full-Time jobs. Unfortunately, the chances of a Marine Biologist job appearing are random. You may want to close the BitLife application and refresh it until the Marine Biologist job appears.

So long as you meet all of the requirements, the job you will be applying for the Marine Biologist role.