Every rumor and leak is so far about Hideo Kojima's overdose

Every rumor and leak is so far about Hideo Kojima's overdose ...

Hideo Kojima is one of the most well-known video game developers of all time. Using his deep knowledge of cinema and the Metal Gear Solid series in his later works, Kojima would pioneer some of the most innovative video game techniques of the time. In his later releases, he has just announced that he''s expanding his expertise to the Xbox, citing an unusual addition to the project.

Hideo Kojima is developing a brand new IP for Xbox Game Studios after Kojima''s disappointing relationship years ago, with Konami as the first title that demonstrated this. According to a fairly reliable leaker, Kojima''s next project, Overdose, will be a horror game.

Every Overdose Leak So Far

Tom Henderson, a freelance writer, has gained a reputation over the last few years, particularly in the last 12 months. Attempting to have a wide range of industry insiders as sources, Henderson has leaked a plethora of details about a slew of upcoming games. This week, Henderson issued a photo of some of the infamous gameplay footage.

This gameplay footage, conducted by an unknown source, showed a character walking down an eerie dark hallway while scanning the corners with a flashlight. From a third-person perspective, the camera remained behind the protagonist, and the gameplay ended with a jump scare, followed by a title card that read "A Hideo Kojima Game... Overdose."

Henderson claimed that after revealing the footage, he''s written a letter that included some additional details. Besides mentioning that Kojima Productions asked him to remove the footage, Henderson claimed that the Overdose may be played in both third-person and first-person, and that the gameplay was being controlled via a mobile phone. This is an indication that Overdose will benefit from the Cloud, and that Margaret Qualley, who played Mama in Death Stranding, has a role in the overdose.

With everything they know right now, it''s not a lot to go on, but it may suggest that a complete reveal will be made sooner rather than later. Kojima''s participation at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase was typically met with more dissatisfaction than excitement, as the creator only stated that he would reveal and discuss a game soon, so it would make sense that the eventual reveal is for Overdose. However, Tom Henderson is a fairly reliable source, but fans should continue to take

The latter is considered a really interesting concept. Though the demo was short, the infamous PT was demonstrated that Kojima is more than capable of creating a terrifying horror experience, and with Kojima''s games often having at least a few creepy moments, it''s clear the industry icon is very passionate about the horror genre. Hopefully fans can find out more about Overdose soon.

Overdose is alleged to be in development.