The Strengths and Weaknesses of All Four Character Classes In Second Extinction

The Strengths and Weaknesses of All Four Character Classes In Second Extinction ...

Second Extinction was rolled out on PC in October 2020, causing dismal effects on the planet. It was then released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X on April 28, 2021. Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, the player is a part of a team of resistance fighters trying to reclaim the planet from fearful monsters.

Players choose between four different roles and strengths before jumping onto the battlefield: Jurgen Winter, Rosy Mevoungou, Valentina Ortega, and Amir Wilson. Each of them has unique abilities and strengths, and uses specific weapons to escape the swarms of chilling creatures.

Jason Collins'' second Extinction has revealed the weaknesses of each of the four character classes before taking a deep dive into the game. After all, it''s quite important to be aware of each player''s own playstyle.

This list has been expanded so fans may learn more about each character''s strengths and weaknesses, so they may learn more about it. With this information, players have the best chance of success at everything Second Extinction throws their way.

4 Jurgen Winter, The Trooper

Jurgen Winter''s role is the Trooper class. This means he''s a sniper and a strong leader at that time. He prefers to approach enemies from a far, far-off distance. It''s unsurprising that the damage Jurgen Winter causes is usually enormous, especially if he hits the correct body part.

Curiously, his Passive Skill is Low Profile, which allows him to be difficult to detect when he has been crouched and left unmoving for a long time. Jurgen also has Satchel Charge, a Tactical Skill in which he employs a sticky explosive that triggers when shot. Moreover, his Special Skill, Mask Scent, allows him to drop a vial of pheromones that make him and his friends untectable for another time.

While most players prefer Jurgen''s Scout Rifle, he is equally capable of killing enemies when he equips an Assault Rifle or Shotgun. In fact, Jurgen Winter''s skill has actually worked on the other guns, not just the Scout Rifle.

Despite his character''s ability to characterize, he is a "jack of all trades," but he is an artist who is not just as effective as they appear because they must be detonated.

Despite his shortcomings, he is a tough adversary when it comes to giant dinosaurs with heavy armor and muted animals, because they cannot hunt him (or his friends) down.

3 Rosy Mevoungou, The Enforcer

Rosy Mevoungou, who is part of the Enforcer class, is the tank of this game, specializing in defense. One of her biggest strengths is building electric fences that do an excellent job of keeping enemies out. Unsurprisingly, as part of the enforcer class, she has a heavy (not light!) machine gun for firepower. When she is fighting through dangerous dinosaurs, she is able to make sure she is using these tools.

Rosy Mevoungou enjoys Field Repairs as her passive skill, which heals her up a single segment of health after activation. She also has Static Barricade, a Tactical Skill, where she can deploy conductive pylons that build a barrier of electricity between two chosen points. Moreover, Rosy can also use Positive Reinforcement, a Special Skill, where she compliments the team, thereby restoring some of their health and strengthening their defenses.

Rosy carries a Minigun with a low damage but a high fire rate. A Shotgun is available for grabs, which has the opposite effect (high damage, low fire rate). However, perhaps her most significant strength is that she is well-known as a team player. The blocks she erects will not just stop dinosaurs, but they will also damage them.

Her biggest weakness is that her abilities are somewhat slower than the other character choices. Her abilities also require more strategic thinking, which can be frustrating for some players, especially those who have a less effective play style.

2 Valentina Ortega, The Trooper

Valentina Ortega, the game''s Trooper class, is incredible quick and powerful, ideal character for those who want to run around and shoot enemies. That''s why she likes to carry heavy weapons so that she may run around and shoot enemies down.

Valentina Ortega, who works with Weapon Master, can equip a primary weapon instead of a sidearm, and has Dash, a tactical skill that allows her to jump in any direction quickly, which comes in handy more often than you would expect. De asemenea, Valentina Ortega can utilize Combat High, a special skill that allows her to damage charge up a meter, giving her significantly greater power when it is complete.

Valentina bears a Shotgun, a Scout Rifle, or an Assault Rifle. There is no need to carry an SMG or Pistol, therefore the Scout Rifle or Shotgun goes in the other hand. Of all the heroes, she is the only one who can actually dodge.

She has a major flaw in the fact that she uses two primary weapons to combat her opponent without having to exert a passive force.

1 Amir Wilson, The Operative

Amir Wilson gives his attention to the Operative class, which he provides as well as assistance to allies. He prefers to analyze opponents before directly attacking them, to give him and his teammates the most appropriate chance of survival. He can pinpoint where exactly enemies are before they are alerted.

Amir Wilson''s situational awareness is a passive skill that allows him to be aware of enemies that cannot be seen while attacking. His Tactical Skill is Orbital Surveillance, which highlights opponents in a particular range, showing where they are on the map at any given time. A laser is also sent from the ERA Orbital Station, blasting a specific area with an explosion that puts the effect to the opponents.

Amir uses a Scout Rifle and a Grenade Launcher as a weapon, while the Grenade Launcher is suitable for both individuals. After all, his sidearms are an SMG and a Pistol, so he can easily change guns when he needs more mobility. After all, it''s always handy to know when and where the dinosaurs come from, and Amir''s ability to locate and explode them is more than convenient.

However, Amir''s biggest concern is that he has the least amount of health out of all the characters in the game. That''s why it''s recommended that a proficient player choose Amir because his skill set might not be able to be utilized if his poor health becomes a problem.

Second Extinction is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.