Everything You Need To Know About The Sunken Sea Core Keeper

Everything You Need To Know About The Sunken Sea Core Keeper ...

The Sunken Sea is a great time to dive back in as Core Keeper is getting its first major update. Whether you''re going on a new journey or looking for more information on your new map, here''s the chance to get started.

The Sunken Sea is focusing on a fresh aquatic biome. Fishing has been added new techniques, and there are plenty of things to keep an eye on at every point in your underground odyssey. Read on to see all of the exciting changes!

If you create a new world, you''ll get the best results. This will allow the map to be generated with all of the new content in mind.

The Sunken Sea Biome

The Sunken Sea is a popular area beyond the Great Wall and is accessible after you defeated Glurch, Ghorm, and the Hive Mother to activate the Core. Like the other advanced biomes, the location on the map is random, so you may need to look at the border between the inner and outer areas for a while before you find it. Look for pink sand, white walls, and glowing blue water.

After discovering Azeos'' Wildland, you''ll need a Scarlet Workbench to perform some of the Sunken Sea''s materials. If you can, set up a drilling operation for Scarlet Ore before going into the Sunken Sea, as there will be plenty of demand for the red metal.

You may build Portals from the Octarine Workbench if you have access to huge amounts of resources. They take twenty minutes to charge, but then they may be used to instantly teleport to any other active portals.

The Sunken Sea has significantly more water than other biomes. However, the bioluminescent algae in the water makes it a light source comparable to a Glow Tulip, which provides much more illumination than previous biomes.

The Sunken Sea also includes valuable items such as Shark Teeth and Bubble Pearls, which can fetch a lot of money from consumers. Pinegrapple and Pewpaya are also available to grow, both of which can dramatically increase your damage output when cooked.

Monsters in the Sunken Sea are capable of powerful ranged attacks, so have healing and armor buffs ready when you arrive. One of your first tasks upon arriving will be building a Pewpaya farm. Meals harvested with Pewpaya give you an additional boost to your ranged attack damage, allowing you to avoid unpleasant foes from a distance.

The Sunken Sea has two bosses, Morpha The Aquatic Mass and Omoroth The Sea Titan. Be careful not to confront these dangerous opponents and only face them if you''re perfectly prepared!

Forlorn Metropolis, an ancient city populated by Caveling Scholars and Core Sentries, is somewhere in the Sunken Sea! With new high-tech decorations, you can survive the devastating attacks of these foes!


You can use the Octarine Workbench to construct boats capable of traveling in water. Even basic boats are extremely resource-intensive to construct, but they''ll make it much easier to navigate the Sunken Sea and other areas with large bodies of water.

  • Standard Boats cost 80 Planks, 50 Scarlet Bars, and 20 Mechanical Parts.
  • Speeders, which are much faster, cost 200 Coral Planks, 120 Octarine Bars, 50 Gold Bars, and 30 Mechanical Parts.