Kamala's Bangle relates to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and her heritage in Episode 3 of 'Ms. Marvel.'

Kamala's Bangle relates to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and her heritage in Episode 3 of 'Ms. Marve ...

The following article contains spoilers for Episode 3 of Ms. Marvel. After weeks of speculation, episode 3 of Ms. Marvel finally dives deeper into Kamala (Iman Vellani) and gives us some valuable information about the bangle she is wearing. After Episode 2 officially begun her research into her family history, "Destined" gives us a lot of time to ponder about her powers and the bracelet.

Prior to Episode 3, one critical feature we learned courtesy of Bruno (Matt Lintz) is that the bangle was not the source of Kamalas powers, but rather that it was triggering some innate abilities. This makes sense considering that the series is going to intensive lengths to research Kamalas family history. While Episode 1 only emphasized that her mother often talk about her "grandmothers delusions," Episode 2 introduces further details.

When Kamala visited the Aunties (Travina Springer) Aamir''s fiance, she discovered that the bangle had inscriptions in Urdu or Arabic. This was followed by her father''s speech to Tyesha (Travina Springer) explaining how she got lost while traveling to Pakistan during the partition. As soon as she hears train noises, she realizes that she was still alive.

Episode 3 has finally revealed all of Kamala''s struggles. After Kamran (Rish Shah) revealed that her great-grandmother was a Jinn in a group called the ClanDestines from the Noor Dimension, who was exiled to Earth for no reason. Although they have the ability to manipulate light, however being on Earth has significantly reduced their abilities and according to Kamran''s mother Najma (Nimra Bucha), Ayesha and the rest of the gang were on

For several reasons, Bruno''s statement about the bangle unlocking something inside Kamala, as the group no longer has a human being. Finally, the revelation that the Bangle is one of two, cites a popular fan theory about the bangles being related to Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings, which has a long history in the comics, as it is important to note that the hand Ayesha gained in 1942 was yellow, indicating that he cannot make heads

Bisha K. Ali, a head writer and showrunner for Ms. Marvel, stated that the decision to change Kamala''s powers from the embiggening one in the comics to the "hard light" ones in the series heated, but there was now possibility that there was more behind the decision to change her powers. After all, none of the hard light stuff was in the comics, nor was the bangle, and it visually being similar to Shang Chi''s powers and the Ten Rings

Kamala''s new origin story is a solid foundation for her superhero journey and identity, while posing a risk to the Indians and Pakistani families who fought for their rights to survive. It''s a clever way to apply Kamala''s powers to this particular time period, but to highlight why it was a difficult time for all parties, and to help protect the nation''s legacy.