In week 2 of LEC Summer Split, Rogue destroys Astralis 2-0

In week 2 of LEC Summer Split, Rogue destroys Astralis 2-0 ...

Rogue won against Astralis, ending the second week of the LEC Summer Split with two victories. Despite their strategic thinking and calm outlook, Astralis seemed very prepared during the first week of the regular season.

Astralis came into the game confident of their abilities, playing with an aggressive approach that sat JeongHoons Pyke across the map and assisting his teammates. This Pyke pick brought several advantages to Astralis, who received the first blood and a double kill in the top lane thanks to a perfectly timed gank.

no one escapes from @Jeonghoon_lol

While Astralis concentrated on obtaining the Cloud soul, Malrang fought the enemy and stole the drake. Unfortunately, Rogues'' healing power kept the team alive during the combat.

With Astralis falling, Rogue came to the Barons pit and obtained a team boost, which allowed them to push both mid and bot lane. By minute 28, the top lane was the only area of the map that Rogue had not conquered yet. It was only a matter of time until Rogue destroyed Astralis nexus.

Rogue was kicked away from their base once, but astralis approached, the damage caused by Rogue. Throughout the early game, it seemed like Rogue was in the palm of their hands, but the latter was only waiting for the perfect time to strike and unleash their authentic late-game luxuries. One of the key characteristics of the Rogues'' victory was trymbis Soraka''s exorbitant healing, which allowed her allies to stay in combat longer, depleting their opponents'' incredible and instant

The two teams are now tied for third place in the LEC Summer Split regular season rankings, and they will have to wait until next week to challenge the leaderboard. Astralis will have to face off against Fnatic, while Rogue will have to face Excel, who currently sits at the top of the regular seasons standings. League fans can follow these next weeks LEC games on the lolesport website starting at 10am CT.