Ryu Street Fighter 6 Makeover in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Modder

Ryu Street Fighter 6 Makeover in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Modder ...

Among Super Smash Bros. Ultimate''s most iconic franchises, several iconic characters include Ryu and Ken, Bandai Namco, Sega, and Capcom all have a role in the roster as a playable fighter or assist trophies. Capcom in particular has three playable characters from Mega Man and Street Fighter, two of the company''s most famous franchises, in the form of Mega Man himself.

Ryu is usually one who pops up first as a player in Nintendo''s crossover game as a guest fighter as a DLC for Wii U and 3DS before becoming a member of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate''s base roster. With his upcoming Street Fighter 6 appearance, a fan decided to pay tribute to his newest appearance in the game with a special costume mod.

Large_Leader, a popular modder in the United States, has created this mod based on Ryu''s appearance in Street Fighter 6. This includes giving Ryu his scraggly unshaven beard as well as a Buddihist robe similar to his master Gouken. This mod is based on Ryu''s original model from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a base.

This Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mod does not feel like a model import, rather rather a hand-made custom costume that fits the game''s limitations and graphics. Large_Leader notes that the mod may have several limitations, including when transferring Ryu''s cloak and sandals, and the costume only being able to be modded over the first and default slot. However, many enthusiasts were still curious to see a costume based off of Street Fighter 6.

This mod shows not only how much effort and commitment fans have for these characters, but also how excited they are for Capcom''s next fighting game. Many people and critics have expressed their support for Street Fighter 6, with many admiring for his recent appearance, as well as many more competitive improvements.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.