Chongyuns Constellations Are Guided To Genshin Impact

Chongyuns Constellations Are Guided To Genshin Impact ...

Genshin Impact''s four-star characters have the ability to easily collect all of their Constellations, unlike their 5-star counterparts. Each Constellation adds a new passive to its character. Sometimes it might enhance an ability, while at other times it may enhance an ability.

Genshin Impact''s Chongyuns Constellations are mostly offensive. Some of them even increase his ability to take the Main DPS role in his team compositions.

Is Chongyuns Constellations Worth It With Genshin Impact?

Yes, Chongyun cannot really do a lot without his Constellations. In fact, one of his Constellations passive effects is what makes him fit in so many team compositions. He may have become forgotten, like Lisa or Kaeya. So far, with the constant Meta, Chongyun is recklessly treading on the middle thin line between fitting the Meta and being underrated.

  • Effect: The last attack of Chongyun''''s Normal Attack combo releases 3 ice blades. Each blade deals 50% of Chongyun''''s ATK as Cryo DMG to all opponents in its path.
  • Importance: Low

Chongyun is either a Support or a Sub-DPS. He does not take any field time from his team, and giving him any is one of Chongyuns errors in Genshin Impact. His first Constellation adds some decent damage at the end of his Normal Attack sequel, which takes about four seconds to be completed. Many DPS units have a lot of time to shred the enemies.

  • Effect: Ally''''s Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts cast within the Frost Field created by Chongyun''''s Elemental Skill have their CD time decreased by 15%.
  • Importance: Priority

Genshin Impact''s C2 passive effect is a unique Constellation. It gives Chongyun a new ability that allows his teammates to enjoy 15% less cooldown on their abilities. This is perfect for Hu Tao and Shenhe.

  • Effect: Chongyun regenerates 1 Energy every time he hits an opponent affected by Cryo. This effect can only occur once every 2s.
  • Importance: Low

On paper, this constellations effect is super strong. However, for Chongyun, his C4 does not really add anything, for two reasons: one, like his C1, Chongyun does not take any field time to benefit from this Constellation. Two, his Elemental Burst has a low Energy requirement that he can easily fulfill without any problems.

  • Effect: Chongyun''''s Elemental Burst deals 15% more DMG to opponents with a lower percentage of their Max HP remaining than Chongyun. This skill will also summon 1 additional spirit blade.
  • Importance: Priority

C6 Chongyun has climbed from a decent support into one of the best sub-DPS in Genshin Impact. His sixth Constellation boosts his Elemental Burst by adding one more falling Spirit Blade and adding additional potential damage to all four of them.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile devices, tablets, tablets, and tablets. A Switch version is in development.