Demon's Souls is doing better than any other FromSoftware game in 2009

Demon's Souls is doing better than any other FromSoftware game in 2009 ...

Demons Souls was born a whole video game genre, which is powerful every year. It all happens with Demons Souls, a game that recently received BluePoint''s remake as well as a PlayStation exclusive title.

Demons Souls was the latest action role-playing game from FromSoftware, which seemed to be a niche game, starting with, but quickly became a loyal fanbase across the globe. Using Demons Souls, gamers may face a new challenge in gaming, one to share with friends, experience alone, or battle other like-minded players.

8 Different Environments

Archstones were the first idea of a bonfire. Demons Souls focuses on archstones throughout the game. Whether that is after the defeat of a boss or at the location of a spawn area. These archstones are sparse, which requires the character to think and plan their journey before the boss room. Not only this, but each Archstone is home to a significant world.

Demons Souls features five worlds: the castle of Boletaria, the Stonefang Tunnels, the Tower of Latria, the Shrine of Storms, and the Valley of Defilement. Each location is unique, and different from the one before it. From the medieval castles to the desolate dunes of a rock mine. The environments look amazing even after 13 years.

7 Lovecraftian Horror

Players will be taken to the Tower of Latria, which consists of a Hellish landscape filled with dim lights, green hues, and screams across the multi-layered prison cells of the people trapped inside. It''s intensely atmospheric and assisted by the vocals of a singing lady from below.

The only surprising and most striking feature of the Tower of Latria is the presence of enemy types who roam the towers in search of useful prisoners. These enemies, the Mind Flayer, are noticeable for their green bell and octopus faces. They are effective spell casters, who will strike fear into the player, and deal enormous damage. In part to his octopus characteristics, the design is reminiscent of H.P. Lovecrafts Cthulhu.

6 Old King Doran

Old King Doran, a famous NPC in Demons Souls, is known as The Last Hero, and a demigod of the ancient past. Doran was locked away in a great building and guarded the holy treasure: Demonbrandt, a sword of great potential. After freeing Doran, players may challenge him for Demonbrandt.

Doran is a formidable challenge, but the reward is well worth his challenge. Even after besting him, players may continue to attack him for good. These rewards include his attire, the Ancient Kings Set, and his Eternal Warriors Ring. It''s also a pleasure hearing the goofy scream upon his death.

5 Old Monk Boss Fight

Demons Souls was pioneering new and exciting ways to challenge the player further in the early days of their flagship game. Enter The Old Monk. This was the last boss fight in the Tower of Latria.

This was not a surprise for the others. In the sense that an actual online player might be summoned, and then become the boss. When players emerged through the fog wall, they would be faced with this black phantom that wore the Monks Head Collar, and it was a PvP fight for victory. It was a great boss fight, and it was one of many instances of FromSoftware instilling themselves on creativity. It may be difficult, and unpredictable.

4 Patches, The Hyena

Players of Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, and Elden Ring would recognize the name of the not so trusty Patches. This character has been spotted throughout Demons Souls and is instantly recognizable for his sneering, yelling and chivalry.

Patches cause quite the issue for the player in Demons Souls and lure them with the false promise of wealth. He is a fantastic character that fits perfectly in these words, given his desire for survival but also his potential in fortune.

3 Innovative Gameplay

Although they were not as advanced as the later games, Demons Souls gameplay paved the way for an entire genre. Without the success of Demons Souls, many gamers prefer gaming games, and the selection of titles would simply not exist as they do today.

The revolutionary gameplay of rolling, blocking, and testing with a range of unique weapons to discover a building suitable for a specific playstyle, is all part of Demons Souls'' charm. Every encounter might be life and death, and the gameplay is incredibly challenging, and rewarding.

2 The Nexus

Demons Souls has a sacred place, a place where there can be no harm, and the player''s highest safety. The Nexus is the HUB world of Demons Souls. It is filled with interesting characters, and the way to level up and travel between Archstones for new locations.

The Nexus is a fantastic place for the game, which feels comfortable and acts as a comfort zone amongst everything else that is attempting to kill the player. It comes to an end with hope, as the Nexus will always be there to rest with them and assist them recover.

1 World Tendency

Demons Souls'' world tendency may appear as a somewhat confusing aspect. World Tendency is a mechanic that directly impacts the world that the player inhabits. Demons Souls is, however, a karma or morality choice, which is mostly absent in future games.

Both have their advantages, as the black tendency allows for certain doors and unlockables, but at the expense of harder enemies. It''s a good way of making the player have to think about their actions. Demons Souls is a powerful game design.

Demons Souls (2009) is now available on PlayStation 3.