Remake of Mayans MC Season 5: What is FX waiting for at this point?

Remake of Mayans MC Season 5: What is FX waiting for at this point? ...

With that, for the fourth season of season 4, it has taken more than a week to come, and here are some major issues to keep an eye on the status of the Mayans at the end of the fifth season.

First things first, let''s see what happens when it comes to a renewal? It feels like it should be a foregone conclusion to bring the show back. It''s true that it is not as popular asSons of Anarchybeforehand, but lets be honest for a minute: How many shows are asanyshows from a decade ago? This is precisely the type of television that is evolving today, and there is no sign that it is stopping or changing.

That Mayansis is only getting better, and we would argue that season 4 included some of the greatest swings that we have ever seen so far. The death of Coco was gut-wrenching, but it also catapulted the story forward in some small ways. Finally, there''s the warehouse fire at the end of the season who set that off? It''s like Angel when it comes to the body type, and if that''s the case, this entire family might be in conflict.

For the time being, we were going to assume that the absence of a fresh start right now is due to some negotiations about the production. We suppose theres also the possibility of whether or not it would be the final season. However, this isn''t something we will know until more information arrives.

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