In BitLife, how do you take voice lessons and boost voice skills?

In BitLife, how do you take voice lessons and boost voice skills? ...

In this video, you will learn about voice skills and become proficient in BitLife. It is an essential skill if you intend to join the music industry to become a famous musician or pursue a solo artist career. Your voice is everything, and your characters skills will never improve if you skip voice lessons.

Where to take Voice Lessons

To get voice lessons and improve your voice skills in BitLife, you will need to go to the Activities tab and the Mind & Body section. From there, you will have the option to tap the voice. You will also have the option to get it fixed as soon as six years old. However, your parents must agree on it.

How to increase Voice Skill

You may continue to try and increase your voice ability as often as possible before you turn 18, but it will now cost you money, and it will become a costly endeavor. You may also audition for a band or go down a solo artists path with one of the available record labels.

Weve discovered that joining a band early on in your career is easier than becoming a solo artist. Before you begin with a band, you''re better off following making albums and becoming famous after a few years. It''s a difficult journey to take, but it will lead you to become a famous singer.