In Elden Ring, how do you get the Erdtrees Favor +2 Talisman?

In Elden Ring, how do you get the Erdtrees Favor +2 Talisman? ...

The Erdtree''s Favor +2 is a late-game talisman that significantly boosts HP, stamina, and equipload in Elden Ring. While Erdtree''s Favor +1 and Erdtree''s Favor +2 make it a worthwhile trip to Leyndell and Ashen Capital.

Benefits of Erdtree''''s Favor +2 Talisman

The following are the tips you will need to equip the talisman.

  • +4% HP
  • +9.6% Stamina
  • +8% Equip Load

How to find Erdtree''''s Favor +2 in Elden Ring

After defeating Maliketh and the Black Blade in the stricken Farum Azula, you''ll want to travel to Leyndell and Ashen Capital through the Forbidden Lands. If you have access to the Forbidden Lands Site of Grace, then you''ll have to travel there quickly.

Use the Grand Lift of Rold and descend down the stairs in the capital from the west. It''s because this is exactly where all of the Misbegotten enemies were today.

When you''re traveling south, make sure you avoid the Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirits. There are three of them and they guard the whole area. Always remember to hug the walls and crouching if possible. You''ll be safe.

When you reach the south end of the area covered in ash, you''ll see a corpse hanging from a tree root. Pough the corpse and enjoy your newly boosted abilities.