In BitLife, how to complete Under the SeaChallenge

In BitLife, how to complete Under the SeaChallenge ...

Players will need to achieve the following main goals to complete the Under the Sea Challenge:

  • Be born a female in Denmark
  • Become a marine biologist
  • Have an enemy named Ursula
  • Achieve a 100% Voice skill level
  • Marry into royalty

Once you know how to achieve each objective in the challenge, starting by creating a female character from Denmark. Follow the steps described in the chart below.

ObjectiveHow to Complete it
Be born a female in DenmarkTo be born as a Female in Denmark, simply create a character, choose Female as your gender, and selectDenmarkandCopenhagen or Aarhus as your birthplace.
Become a marine biologistTo do this, you will need to go tocollege and university. Study well during your school and high school period by keeping yourSmarts stat high. You can keep the stat high by being obedient, reading books, and visiting the library. Join a college withBiologyas your major. After completing it, apply for higher graduation and complete your university. Look at the job listings for aJr. Marine Biologistposition and apply for it.
Have an enemy named UrsulaThere are two ways to finish the particular task. You can either edit one of your enemies'''' names to Ursula using theGod Modeor add a character named "Ursula" from thecustom People Creator.
Achieve a 100% Voice skill levelTo achieve 100% Voice Skill, you have to takevoice lessonsfrom theActivities tab. You can start taking the classes as soon as you turn 8. With effort and commitment, you can reach the 100% mark within10to15years from the commencement of your training.
Marry into royaltyTo marry royalty, you need to find a royalty. Use theDating Appsfrom the Relationship section to find one and go on dates with them. Apart from that, you can also meet and date any Royalty by joining theirGym. Flirt with them and slowly try to win their heart. After some time, they will propose to you, accept it, and get married.

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