HBO's adaptation of 'The Vanishing Half' features Jeremy O. Harris

HBO's adaptation of 'The Vanishing Half' features Jeremy O. Harris ...

Jeremy O. Harris, a famous playwright, has seemingly escaped the works with the HBO adaptation of The Vanishing Half, which he claims was inspired by Brit Bennett''s novel. Harris was also a writer and executive producer. The Daily Beast has learned that Harris is no longer attached to The Vanishing Half, but has an impressive program that he is still working on with the series. Harris, despite the release of a statement, said the company did not dismiss Harris but had a different approach,

Jeremy O. Harris was not fired from The Vanishing Half. The company has taken a different creative approach, and he is no longer attached to the project. He is a great collaborator, and we currently have other projects together."

While this comes as a surprise, it is not uncommon in the entertainment sector. Harris still has an impressive list of projects he''s still working on with HBO; he plays an important role in other HBO shows, such as Euphoria, where he''s a surveillance producer and consultant, and the upcoming Alicia Vikander series Irma Vep.

At the time, Harris emphasized that he was working on the show and shared that: The evening I spent on my birthday on my couch crying at Stella Vignes, HOW DON''T YOU so loudly my neighbor thought something was wrong, Harris said. I get the privilege to collaborate with Brit and one of my favorite playwrights Aziza in delivering that moment to millions around the world.

Harris is known for his Tony Award-nominated play Slave Play and co-writing the 2021 film Zola with Janicza Bravo, which is based on the notorious Twitter thread. He is also known for his role in the HBO Max series Gossip Girl, where he played himself, as well as his role in Emily in Paris.

There is currently no information on who will take over as the series'' writer, but be sure to check your backing with Collider for more on The Vanishing Half.