All Relic Record Locations for Monster Hunter Rise

All Relic Record Locations for Monster Hunter Rise ...

As you travel to many zones to combat your adversaries, you may also find information about the world surrounding you.

Relic Records are freestanding art that you may find and add to your collection, and this will in many ways reward you, while giving you a clear view of the past. Here''s all you need to know about them.

What Are The Relic Records?

The Relic Records are a collection of historical records that you may discover scattered, now abandoned, across the many Hunting Areas surrounding Kamura. In reality, once you grab them, your Notebook will be updated with a new piece of information about the area where you found the relic. A total of ten records contains a history story about a Rampage of the past, continuing into the lore of Kamura, and why you need to take action to avoid the current Rampage.

Relic Record Locations

The following guides, separated by Hunting Area, will help you find each Relic Record.

  • Every Shrine Ruins Relic Record
  • Every Frost Islands Relic Record
  • Every Sandy Plains Relic Record
  • Every Lava Caverns Relic Record
  • Every Flooded Forest Relic Record
  • Every Rampage Relic Record

Relic Record Rewards

Every time you receive five Relic Records on one of the main areas, Kagero The Merchant rewards you with a piece of decor for your rooms. These vary depending on the area you visited, and they are always the following:

Area 5 Relic Records Rewards 10 Relic Records Rewards
Shrine Ruins Arzuros Carving Magnamalo Carving
Frost Islands Goss Harag Carving Tetranadon Carving
Sandy Plains Almudron Carving Izuchi Carving
Lava Caverns Rakna-Kadaki Carving Aknosom Carving
Flooded Forest Somnacanth Carving Bishaten Carving

Kagero The Merchant will also reward you once you have obtained all of the 60 Relic Records.

  • Ibushi Carving x1
  • Narwa Carving x1
  • Guild Card Award "Antique Bookmark"