Fans of Vanderpump are pushed back by Rip Schwartz and Sandys bar before the Grand Opening

Fans of Vanderpump are pushed back by Rip Schwartz and Sandys bar before the Grand Opening ...

Schwartz and Sandys have not opened yet, but Vanderpump Rules fans are already giving it a harsh review. The spinoff bar conceived by Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz is in its final stages before its grand opening, which will take place later this summer.

Sandoval described his plans for a mid-summer grand opening in a podcast on May 25, 2022. We didn''t have a difficult date, but were gonna open it in July, according to the former SUR bartender. We fairly much had to dedicate to an event in July, so we must be prepared for it in July. It''s so good that it will likely be open to the public shortly after that.

Were weary of it. I know it''s been a long time coming. Before giving a teaser about the Franklin Village bar''s ambiance, Schwartz said. It''s a groovy, funky, semi-tropical cocktail lounge. It''s like a friendly neighborhood lounge. I think people are gonna dig it.

Schwartz described the bar as a funky, vibrant, cosy dive lounge nestled under the Hollywood Hills in a previous video tour.

Sandoval teased Schwartz and Sandys in a talk about them in June 2022. However, when visitors got a peek at some of the decor, they quickly shut it down.

Some Fans Slammed Schwartz & Sandys Decor

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Photos of some of the bar''s decor were posted on Schwartz Instagram stories in June 2022. In a video video, the Vanderpump Rules actor was seen carrying chairs and an enormous orange couch into the bar. When the pictures were shared online, fans had a lot to say about it.

One commenter wrote of the couches as they appear to be from my grandmas house.

Another positive thing about it is the grandma.

Another fan wrote about the house vibes of Grandmas.

Others felt the furniture was coming from a thrift shop.

One critic described the very grandmas House x thrift store x cozy.

Is it possible to rent a dumpster for a couch? another wanted to know.

Another commenter said the furniture for a high-traffic bar area appeared to be inadequate.

They will not look dull enough for a busy restaurant. They will get stained and the maintenance will be a problem. Theyll learn the tricky way, the owner wrote.

The other person was not sure if another was found. Not at all. A classic Rookie error, the commenter wrote.

Others voted in on the bright animal and floral patterns.

In the 80s, we had a wallpaper, but another one was still missing.

The name of the Bar has also been heavily criticized.

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Fans don''t only dislike the bar''s appearance, but they also disobey the bar''s names. On the ninth season of Vanderpump Rules, Schwartzs'' soon-to-be ex-wife, Katie Maloney, bashed the names Schwartz and Sandys.

Per, I believe it''s terrible, but I said that you want to make it feel like psychedelic, funky, fresh, lights, and textures. If you want to describe it as f***ing Schwartz & Sandys, then you should use it.

The two bar owners were adamant about their names choice.

The public does not like it, but knew they would make them feel that way! Schwartz told Entertainment Tonight of his name. Were proud of it.

Sandoval compares the bar bar as a famous rock band, and says the structure will be popular among those who join the band.

Sandoval told Us Weekly when I first heard the name Red Hot Chili Peppers, I said that that kind of sounds like a mariachi band. But now, after so many years you know, Red Hot Chili Peppers has established itself as that band, and that name is associated with them.

Sandoval said that after opening the Tom Tom bar with Lisa Vanderpump, they wanted to still have our names in the name of their spinoff establishment.

So it''s like, youre not just getting to know our first names. Youre also getting to know our last names. What drives us to become successful, he said.