In a new photo, Erika Jayne is spooked by his wife RHOBH

In a new photo, Erika Jayne is spooked by his wife RHOBH ...

Erika Jayne, who is married to Tom Girardis, has admitted that she only cares about herself in the wake of her ex-husband Tom Girardis'' countless fraud and embezzlement lawsuits, some filed by widows and orphans of plane disaster victims.

The Pretty Mess singer was in a super tease for RHOBH when she accused her co-stars of wanting to be on the side of the victims, because you think that''s nice.

What''m telling youI dont give anyone else a f***, according to Erika.

When she promoted a previous season of RHOBH, she even gave herself a nickname. Ice Queen returns, she wrote of herself in 2020.

In a recent Instagram post, a Real Housewives husband poked fun at Erikas ice queen persona during the current-airing season of RHOBH.

By comparing Her to a Disney Ice Queen, PK Kemsley poked fun at Erika Jayne.

A post written by PK (@paul_kemsley_pk)

Dorit Kemsley, the co-star of Erika Jaynes, was photographed and photographed in a London toy shop next to an oversized figurine of the Elsa character from the 2013 fantasy film.

The Kemsleys shook it up next to the Elsa toy, which featured the characters'' signature blonde braid and a light blue gown in the picture.

PK captioned the pic taken at the Hamleys Toy Store while keeping the store''s name, including the manager of Erikas Jaynes.

Several fans shared a crying-laughing emoji on the uncanny appearance of the RHOBH star.

After all, Erika is the ice queen of bh, according to a fan.

After this PK, I need my asthma pump, which is the correct technique to flee my head, and another commenter has broken.

Another fan shook your head a** for the incident.

Other users, including RHOBH co-star Garcelle Beauvais, liked the photo. Erika Jayne hasn''t commented on PK Kemsleys'' post since this writing.

PK Kemsley was previously apologized to Erika Jayne.

The relationship between Kemsley and Erika has always been complicated. Early on, they were embroiled in a #pantygate scandal when Kemsley admittedly glanced over Erika after discovering she had no underwear while wearing a short dress.

During the 2017 RHOBH reunion, [Erika] stated she didn''t have underwear on. Its like saying to somebody, Don''t look at the pink elephant, according to people. I caught a glance and then at that point, I never looked again.

The incident began when Erika was insinuated that PK had allegedly attempted to seduce him. According to, PK once told Erika: "Youre not deliberately cold, youre inherently cold."

In a dinner party scene aired on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in September 2021, the Kemsleys and Kyle Richards and her husband Mauricio Umansky ripped Erikas'' story in which she claimed that her 82-year-old ex-husband confronted a robber at his California property and that when he left his car to check him, Erika told him to put his car outside the house and said she was left unconscious for 12 hours.

During the dinner party, Kemsley believed Erikas'' outlandish statements were part of a coverup, and he said there are a few chances of two family members having car rolling accidents. He also poked fun at Erikas'' decision to have doctors operate on Girardis'' ankle, not his brain due to his age. He was in tears with laughter as he noted that Girardi was a lawyer and not a soccer player.

Erika confronted her co-stars during the RHOBH reunion. The only thing she felt the most was to watch Mauricio and PK mock my life. Especially after PK had been so kind, and we had so much of our relationship. That''s how we dealt with it.

Umansky then told E! News that both he and Kemsley apologized to Erika. I apologized, PK and I both apologized to her, according to the real estate broker. And the reality is we weren''t making fun of her, of her, but we were in a conversation that was always hilarious.