As two former stars have a huge reunion, Andy Cohen confirms RHONY is getting legs

As two former stars have a huge reunion, Andy Cohen confirms RHONY is getting legs ...

Andy Cohen has confirmed that planning for two shows is underway.

The Real Housewives of New York will have a distinct spinoff of sorts, with a Legacy series featuring former actors of the original show. Nonetheless, RHONY is expected to be completely recast for a fresh grasp on diverse women living in the Big Apple.

While on a flight, Bethenny Frankel, a former RHONY star, bumped into Jill Zarin, a former actress. Frankel captioned a photo of Zarin sitting a row behind her and across the aisle on June 20, 2022.

Cohen didn''t have to wait until he appeared in the comments section.

Here''s what you need to know about it:

Cohen joked that he was deploying a crew to capture the confrontations between Frankel and Zarin.

Bethenny Frankel''s post (@bethennyfrankel) is shared.

Frankel and Zarin have a long history between them, so it''s no surprise that Cohen''s response would be that he wants to collaborate on their talks even if he was joking.

Cohen commented on the Frankels photo on the crew en route with certified checks. It appears like the Frankels hashtags, #mentionitall #getahobby #ifwingscouldtalk, had a direct impact on Cohen.

Zarin wrote a photo on her Instagram account. She had a shaky flight, no sorrow.

Danny Pellegrino, the author of the photo, became all in his opinion about RHONY, so he took to Twitter to express it.

I miss RHONY so much, and I hope that they will be making the show together. He also tweeted that he received a reply from Cohen.

The executive producer of RHONY said, "We are delighted."

Frankel may not rejoin any group of Real Housewives anytime soon. While some enthusiasts are concerned that she has dropped any suggestions for a return to Bravo, Frankel is also quite optimistic about her future plans.

Im so proud of myself that I really can honestly say there is no amount of money to do something you dislike. Im now that person who can actually say, I have really taken so many things off the board to concentrate on what makes me happy and not do the things that do not. Frankel spoke on the May 13, 2022 episode of her Just B podcast.

Fans were ecstatic that Frankels'' Mile-High Reunion with Zarin would come to an end.

Bethenny Frankel''s post (@bethennyfrankel) has been shared.

Fans of RHONY couldn''t control their excitement as Frankel and Zarin who once had a terrible confrontation were all smiling on the flight. Many commented on the Frankels post, hoping that this reunion might lead to a return to the franchise.

Zarin might be more open to the idea than Frankel as she finished filming Season 2 of Ultimate Girls Trip.

Please allow this to be the beginning of Legacy!!! One observation is rewritten.

I have lost the relationship with the others in my life, and now, someone else has written it.

Yesss this was Gods will. Got these two on the same plane next to each other, a third person added.

Our requirements include @bravoandy and a camera, according to a fourth Instagram user.