Fans React To Kelly Dodds' Post About Ex-Husband

Fans React To Kelly Dodds' Post About Ex-Husband ...

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd and her ex-husband, Michael J. Dodd, divorced in 2017 after 11 years of marriage. The former couple shared a 16-year-old daughter named Jolie. On June 19, Kelly took to Instagram Stories to share a video of her husband, Rick Leventhal, and Jolie spending time together on Fathers Day, which received a response from a social media user.

Fathers day your daughter remembers it not with her dad, according to an Instagram user.

Kelly complied with the message and shared the text on her Instagram Stories.

She is with me and her stepdad, who loves her very much and took us on vacation. Her father had every opportunity to take her on vacation. But hasnt in five years, whats your issue, the former RHOC star said.

Kelly captioned the post by revealing that she believes Jolies Dad Michael Dodd is a ''d**** bag.

Users of Reddit shared their opinions on the Kelly Dodds Instagram story.

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On June 20, a Reddit user uploaded a screenshot of Kellys Instagram Story on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit.

Read this post about Kelly''s behavior.

Several social media users sat on the topic''s post comments to share their opinions.

Jolie feels so sorry. I can''t imagine what it is like for her to deal with, wrote one commenter.

Quite a few commenters said they believed Kelly wasn''t in the wrong mood for posting the Instagram Story.

Kelly is a mess, but this one story post isnt exactly the smear campaign people are making it out to be. It''s quite mild to say that her stepdad loves her and her dad if he wanted to, and that they would take her on vacation if he wanted to. This is, according to a commenter, why their kid isn''t with the other parent.

Yes, the comment asking why Jolie isn''t with her dad appears more rude than Kellys'' response to me. I dislike Kelly at all, but this is almost the least defamatory thing she has ever said, according to another.

Kelly may be a trashcan, but people are affluent for s***ing or s***ing. You wouldnt walk up to someone on the street and say it dont message someone you dont know, but chimed in another person.

A different Reddit user started a separate thread, claiming that Dodds Instagram Story was misinterpreted.

You don''t have to bash your kids dad on socialI am sorry but the Jolies dad post about her story is just a new low. This woman has issues with everyone. At what point is she going to look in the mirror and realize it is not everyone else, read a portion of the post.

Leventhal, a Reddit user, has an unintelligent relationship with his daughter, Veronica Leventhal.

Some commenters claimed that they had similar opinions on Kelly.

Jessie and Jolie are sorry for her. She just had her 16th birthday, and she must go stfu, according to a Bravo fan.

When I was growing up, I was so thankful that social media did not exist. It only hurts Jolie and Smelly Dodd is too dense to ever contemplate this, and it is shared another.

Honestly, Kelly is a member of Kelly & Michael and when she says s*** about him she is saying s*** about her own child. This is the truth about her beliefs that she is disobeyed emotionally & psychologically to her child. According to a Reddit user, she is a s*** person and mother.

In March 2022, Kelly Dodd discussed her ex-husband.

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Kelly talked about her ex-husband and his girlfriend during a podcast on Jeff Lewis Live, hosted by Jeff Lewis. Michael requested money from her and comes after Rick. She also accused his girlfriend of causing Jolie to leave her house, causing them to fall foul.

When things started going bad, thats when my daughter told me to get the f out of her dads house, and Michael did not stick up for his daughter, and thats why I dont have her going there anymore.