Where were two tickets to paradise recorded? See Cast Stories & Locations

Where were two tickets to paradise recorded? See Cast Stories & Locations ...

Two Tickets to Paradise, the new film by The Hallmark Channels, premieres on Saturday, June 25, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The actors include Ashley Williams and Ryan Paevey. Read on to learn more about the amazing locations where the film was shot and behind-the-scenes stories from the cast.

Two Tickets to Paradise Was Filmed in Hawaii

Two tickets to Paradise were shot on a location in Hawaii, which is well known for being a popular filming destination for Hallmark viewers. In fact, Lacey Chabert has also been filming a film in Hawaii recently.

In an On Location interview with Hallmark, the stars of Two Tickets to Paradise were so happy to be filming in Hawaii.

A shaman encouraged kindness and creativity while filming.

Williams posted in this Instagram account: "I felt sorry on our first day of shooting." We drew 30 years old rain water on our hands and touched each other in order to show our respect and desire to connect and take care of each other on this journey.

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Positive attitude was put on the menu particularly, as you can see from Williams'' fun and good-natured posts.

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Meet the Cast

Dustin Rikert (A Royal Queens Christmas) directs this synopsis, meaning that when two weddings are ended, the couple still decides to take their honeymoon, not knowing they will travel to the same resort in Hawaii.

Ashley Williams (Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday) and Ryan Paevey (General Hospital, A Timeless Christmas) are no strangers to the Hallmark scene.

While she was doing voice-over work for the movie, Ashley Williams shared some behind-the-scenes conversations on Instagram.

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The kids seemed to be having a lot of fun shooting out in the ocean.

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While filming, one of their crew members appeared hurt! Yet, according to Williams, he was completely okay, and they just had to improvise.

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She enjoyed learning to dance for TikTok.

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During an interview on the Hallmark Happenings Podcast, Williams shared other thoughts.

Ryan Paevey absolutely loves to surf! He even confirms it in a Q&A on the Hallmark website. He didn''t even need a stuntman for his surfing scenes in the film. He shared on Instagram that he missed the filming sites.

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Perhaps this will be his first residence at some point? In another post, he hints at it.

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While they were filming, Paevey was also quite jolly and scared Williams.

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Paevey enjoys athletic activities, whether indoors or outdoors. He explained in his Instagram post that climbing was difficult. However, he made it look so easy!

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Paevey has recently signed a multi-picture deal with Crown Media! So you can anticipate him to appear in more movies in the near future.

Mary-Margaret Humes, Jhey Castles, Kimee Balmilero, Olivia Hoffman, and others have also purchased two tickets to Paradise.

During the RomaDrama Live! convention, an early screening of the film took place on June 23. Williams, Paevey, and Jesse Hutch were among those present, along with producer Maura Dunbar.