Raven Gates of the Bachelor Nations Hair Red, according to LOOK!

Raven Gates of the Bachelor Nations Hair Red, according to LOOK! ...

Raven Gates Gottschalk is well-known for her long, tense black locks on season 21 of The Bachelor and season four of Bachelor in Paradise. Her hair was essentially her name.

As she wrote on her Instagram account, the 30-year-old decided she wanted a little change up for the summer. She then transitioned from black hair to red, almost like magic.

WATCH the Transformation

Raven Gates Gottschalk has written a post on the campus of ravennicolegates.

Other Bachelor Nation alums shared their views of the new look, including Amanda Stanton, Madison Prewett, and Corinne Olympios.

Fans were so pleased to express their gratitude, and Gates even replied to some of them. For example, one user posted, Love this!! The highlights just highlights highlight the caramel brown in your eyes. Gates, I agree!! I think it improves my complexion!

Thats So Raven

Raven Gates Gottschalk (@ravennicolegates) posts a message.

Raven Gates was still recovering from being runner-up in the Nick Vialls season of The Bachelor, where she lost out on the final two roses to Vanessa Grimaldi. In paradise, Gates could never have imagined that she fell head over heels.

What''s the Difference Between The Doll and the Doll?

On The Bachelorette''s Rachel Lindsay season, Gottschalk became the guy with the doll. In 2017, he stated that he originally wanted to make his entrance in a Dallas Cowboys football helmet, but ABC could not obtain NFL clearance. Thats when everything was changed.

When Gottschalk was bored in his hotel room one night, he made this little mannequin with some pillows which always made the producers laugh. D. One producer was convinced that he should leave the limousine with a doll when he met Lindsay.

Gottschalk was elucidated, but he said they would make sure it wouldn''t be like a ventriloquist thing or anything creepy. While he arrived on stage, he was given a little mannequin, and she took care of giving it several outfits throughout the show. When I first saw him, he was dressed in a full three-piece suit. He really became the show''s mascot.

When Gottschalk met Gates on BIP, the guy with the doll moniker had already been stuck. It is not surprising that Gates was a little leery of Adam Jr.s dad at the start of the show. In 2017, I knew I was going to keep Adam until the first weekend we spent together outside of paradise.

According to People, Raven and Adam had their first child, Gates Zev Gottschalk, on January 18, 2022. He was born in an emergency C-section, but he is healthy and playful.

The Real Doll

Raven Gates Gottschalk (@ravennicolegates) replies to a post.