Tyson Apostol, Survivor Winner, talks about being cast on The Challenge in the United States

Tyson Apostol, Survivor Winner, talks about being cast on The Challenge in the United States ...

Tyson Apostol, a four-time Survivor competitor and winner of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, is back on TV as he stars in The Challenge: USA, which premieres on CBS on July 6.

Tyson was pictured on the 40th season of Survivor, battling on Winners at War. Tyson now leads the team on the 11th spot from the 20 returning winners and is now testing the waters of a new reality competition show.

Tyson was interviewed by Heavys ahead of the premiere of The Challenge: USAs. And here''s how to see the complete interview from the embedded YouTube video:

When Tyson was asked if he was on the show because he wanted to see another reality television opportunity, he said: No, it''s the opposite. They were looking for me.

The Survivor legend explained in the typical Tyson approach why CBS wanted him on The Challenge.

Tyson continues to show his admiration. I can narrate a show, but I can do all of those things. I have excellent confessionals. I am also extremely easy to work with. If we get out there, I respect that cameramen are, at the least, my co-workers, if not my supervisors, to a certain extent.

I always remark them to those who work there. I believe that making CBS feel more comfortable returning season after season. And, to be fair, The Challenge cast was quite challenging.

I''ve been talking to them for a year for almost ten years. And after saying yes, like three weeks before you leave, you could hear the feeling of relief when it comes to casting persons. Oh, thank god, oh my gosh, you didn''t know if you were going to do it.

I mean, when we look at the cast, it''s like me, and then nobody else. So, I was like the guy who had to be there.

Tyson Is Still a Major Challenge on The Challenge: USA, Although He is 43

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Tyson isn''t the only former Survivor player to appear on The Challenge: USA. Eight Survivors will compete, including Sarah Lacina and Ben Driebergen.

TJ Lavin, who plays Tyson in a recent video on The Challenge, said in his interview that he had a strong eye on Tyson, and out of the whole cast, he was the one to defeat.

Tyson said he had to take into account that he was underwhelmed by the players even though he is 43 now and is not as physically active as he was as a 28-year-old on Survivor: Tocantins.

Look at these lines on my face, bro, Tyson said.

I have been doing this for 15 years, and he continued. At some point, im going to be too old to spank these youngsters in these little carnival games. I think this is the moment. But at some point, it will happen. So im hoping that people might let you know about it. I''ve already done it in general in my life. I use pickleball once or twice a week, and then I pick my kids up. That''s why I do my weight training.

Yet Tyson still recognizes his athletic ability, something he requires to excel on The Challenge.

Tyson said that my dedication to professional and amateur cycling is worth it: ten to 20 years of swimming and a lifetime of NCAA Division I swimming. And that muscle memory just holds up. Like I hear a lot of people talking about, Oh, I jogged three miles once a day and, therefore, I have endurance. Three miles isn''t even a warm-up.

If I went out and wanted to have a jog experience, then I would go out and jog like 30 miles in New York City (no big deal).

He said on The Challenge: USA, if he was younger, he would certainly spank at everything. Like nobodys getting close to Tyson.

Tyson hired a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor to prepare for the challenge and plays Pickleball.

Fans may follow Tyson on social media so they might know he''s the self-proclaimed greatest pickleball influencer in the world. So, combined with his time on the court while also training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tyson is preparing for the Challenge: USA.

Pickleball is quick, its eye-hand coordination, according to Tyson. It also has a lot of eye-hand rapidness. Additionally, it also increases your aerobic capacity. So if I have anything that just maintains endurance a bit, then I''ll be like it now, three times better than the second person.

I hired a private Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor when you know it to prepare for any grappling. Or at least inform people about it, so they would be more cautious about grappling.

Tyson began jogging with a weight vest and focused on body-weight exercises. He wanted to focus on functional training rather than weight training, unlike others on the show.

A lot of these guys go in and their muscles are just dead weight, according to the four-time Survivor. I just am trying to attract someone who will love me for a night or for a lifetime, either one. My muscles are all functional. It has a purpose that isn''t just looking cool.