The Top 5 Telltale Walking Dead Games, ranked

The Top 5 Telltale Walking Dead Games, ranked ...

The Walking Dead''s path into video games has had its ups and downs, but Telltales entries in the area were always the most consistent. If you have never played them before, youll have a powerful narrative to follow through. Here are some of the Telltale The Walking Dead games ranked from worst to best.

All Telltale The Walking Dead games, from worst to finest, are ranked.

Michonne is an unusual feature because although it features one of the most popular characters from The Walking Dead, it does not connect to other games at all. If you are a fan of the graphic novels, you can find out what happened to her while she was away from the Ricks group, but chances are that you could get involved in this shorter adventure if you were hoping to see more Clementine. It''s not bad, but is a throwaway game.

A New Frontier is a serious game, which critics say was odd. Clementine was bringing her own family up in a world filled with walkers, but she was forced and not needed. The New Frontier is a strange group of antagonists that fail to rank as the worst threats in the series, but they are respectful in their own right.

Season Two had our first time fully controlling Clementine and seeing how she had adapted from Lee''s time. While the end portion of the series was very drawn out and the weakest end point, being reintroduced to Kenny was both fantastic and heartbreaking. Clementine had officially become her own as a strong character who could do whatever it took to survive.

For the first time in a row, Telltale came out to save the day and finish Clementines is one of the better video game stories from this time. We finally got to see things come all the way around, with Clementine taking over the mentoring role with AJ, which is easily the strongest point of this game. This is the perfect send-off for Clementines'' story and is likely the best outcome we could have expected.

The first Walking Dead season for Telltale was their first huge success and set up everything in the future. While Lee is the main protagonist here, is our beloved Clementine. It was always fun seeing them in future releases, but each episode provided a lot of joy to us. We have yet to come to an end.