Yoritomo Minamoto's Birushana Route Guide

Yoritomo Minamoto's Birushana Route Guide ...

In Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei, each of Shanao''s five suitors is a man truly unto himself. Benkei is a kind monk, if somewhat dense. Noritsune is a fiery soul with a desire to confront his regrets. Tomomori is... well, that''s complicated. And Yoritomo Minamoto is a cold and cunning soldier marching towards an inevitable war.

Yoritomo is a fascinating figure. There are issues to him, and their root causes, which may have started with a hard-knock upbringing but have evolved into something more. It''s not easy to court him, but it''s promise of enormous rewards.

As stat growth is an integral part of Birushana''s gameplay, we''ll be sure to let you know when a decision boosts Shanao''s Strength, Knowledge, or Kindness meters. For Yoritomo, we''ll focus on a powerful combination of strength and knowledge, with only occasional acts of kindness.

Getting to Know Yoritomo

Shanao will take some time to travel with Yoritomo in Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei. However, don''t take that as a result of the fact that Yoritomo Minamoto is the one most significant character in the game, but it is possible that the journey to reach him is breathtaking. The writers have no time to put an effort into making Yoritomo''s first impression striking.

Shanao''s potential reactions will be locked into either shock or aggression. Truth be told, it''s difficult to imagine anyone reacting to Yoritiomo''s early dealings with anything else. But dig deeper and demonstrate your own great wisdom and courage. Do not be intimidated, but do understand.

What''s New in Yoritomo Minamoto''s Happy Ending?

Sequence Correct Response Bonuses
Shared Route 1-1 (Silently watch the samurai) Strength Increases
Shared Route 1-2 "I have no choice. I have to accept." -
Shared Route 2-1 "As a Genji, I must talk with him." Strength Increases
Shared Route 2-2 "I don''''t fear the Heike." Strength Increases
Shared Route 2-3 "Great. Thanks." -
Shared Route 2-4 "Our priority is to capture Benkei." Knowledge Increases
Shared Route 2-4 "Let''''s split up." -
Shared Route 2-1-13 "I''''m nobody." Kindness Increases
Shared Route 2-2-14 "Shut your mouth." -
Shared Route 3-1-1 "I don''''t think I beat you." Strength Increases
Shared Route 3-1-5 "I will not submit to such tyranny." Strength Increases
Shared Route 3-1-7 "Well, I don''''t believe in fate." -
Yoritomo Route 4-1 "It''''s all just so sad." Kindness Increases
Yoritomo Route 4-1 "What terrible things did he see?" Yoritomo''''s Love Meter Increases
Yoritomo Route 4-2 "It can''''t be helped." Yoritomo''''s Love Meter Increases
Yoritomo Route 6-1 "I''''m ready to fight for my brother." Yoritomo''''s Love Meter Increases
Yoritomo Route 8-2 "Take it easy." Yoritomo''''s Love Meter Increases
Yoritomo Route 7-1 "I''''m terrified of myself." Yoritomo''''s Love Meter Increases
Yoritomo Route 8-1 "I''''m terribly sorry." Yoritomo''''s Love Meter Increases
Yoritomo Route 9-1 "That''''s why it came after me?" Yoritomo''''s Love Meter Increases
Yoritomo Route 10-1 "It must have been terrible for you." Yoritomo''''s Love Meter Increases
Yoritomo Route 11-1 (Put his hand on my chest.) Yoritomo''''s Love Meter Increases

How to Unlock Yoritomo Minamoto''s Tragic Ending

Sequence Tragic Ending Trigger Response
Yoritomo Route 7-1 "I don''''t know anything anymore."
Yoritomo Route 8-1 "It was rude of me to fall asleep!"
Yoritomo Route 10-1 "I couldn''''t do that."
Yoritomo Route 11-1 (Close my eyes.)