In Outriders Worldslayer, how do you defeat Commander Ereshkigal?

In Outriders Worldslayer, how do you defeat Commander Ereshkigal? ...

Outriders Worldslayer completes a new Ascension system, a new campaign, and a brand new endgame. Commander Ereshkigal will be defeated for the first time.

Commander Ereshkigal General Tips

  • Ereshkigal is immune to damage when in the air, avoid her attacks.
  • Dark Madness Attack summons allies to support her.
  • Lower your Apocalypse Tier if you are stuck.

Commander Ereshkigal Mechanics

At close range, Commander Ereshkigal will use her tentacles to repel you from a distance throughout the fight. The main attack to keep you safe is when she flies in the air and throws red skulls around the boss arena. During this phase, she cannot be damaged, so it''s best to keep your eyes on the casting meter next to her health bar.

If you''re struggling with the encounter, consider dropping your Apocalypse Tier or grouping up with others to assist you during the boss fight. If your Apocalypse Tier has died, you may modify it before entering the boss arena.

Commander Ereshkigal Rewards

For defeating Commander Ereshkigal, there are five of these points in the new Worldslayer expansion, each one being obtenue as a result of a major story moment.