Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, who plays a movie in Netflix, apologize to Canadians for slander

Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, who plays a movie in Netflix, apologize to Canadians for slander ...

In Netflix''s The Man From Toronto, American actors play Canadians or the other way around. Despite its simplicity, the accents are not too different from one another. It is another story, however, when an American actor mispronounces the name of the city his character is from throughout the film. Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson express their deepest apologies to any Canadians who were chastised by the mispronunciation of Toronto.

In Netflixs The Man From Toronto, expect some nervous farts, laughs, and misleading Canadian city pronunciations. Kevin Hart explained in a video call to the Ottawa Sun that it would have been easier to pronounce the Canadian city if the Texas native had grown there:

You have to remember that if you live in Toronto, you are likely to understand how things should be said.

Although Woody Harrelson isn''t from Toronto in real life, it does not mean he has never played at the Toronto International Film Festival. There are other hitmen characters in the film who are from a variety of countries, such as Miami or Wichita. If someone had chosen the original actor for the hitman, then it''s likely that his pronunciation would have been reduced.

Woody Harrelson, a Torontonian, has issued an apology for all the criticism, claiming that no one has ever been apologised.

Any time it is mispronounced to the Torontonians, we apologize.

While The Man from Toronto may have changed his appearance in the Canadian city, one thing it did not contradict was the chemistry Woody Harrelson had with Kevin Hart. Some of Kevin Hart''s best films have been when he met with another actor who is equally funny as him in The Wedding Ringer, or the heart-warming collaboration he had with Bryan Cranston in The Upside. It proves that Kevin Hart has a close connection with many of his actors.

Watch The Man From Toronto on your Netflix subscription. Remember- its pronounced tr-aan-tow.