How many baby Pokemon are there? Answered

How many baby Pokemon are there? Answered ...

Each trainer worth their salt knows that caring for and raising their Pokemon is a vital step to becoming a healthy combatant. These young Pokemon are defying their instincts to do so at their greatest potential stages. Delegated to the top of the spectrum, there are nineteen baby Pokemon.

The child''s game must follow the following guidelines, if ordered to be classified as "Baby Pokemon."

  • It must be obtainable by breeding.
  • It must be the lowest Pokemon form in their family chain and has to be able to evolve at least once.
  • It must belong to the Egg Group of No Eggs Discovered.

Most Baby Pokemon were introduced after their unique structures were discovered. Togepi, Riolu, and Toxel are only exceptions to this. In Pokemon games, the only way to obtain Baby Pokemon is by breeding, although some NPCs might be giving one to players. In Pokemon, some Baby Pokemon may be sighted in the wilds, ready to be caught.

List of Baby Pokemon

Baby Pokemon NameTypePokemons EvolutionsParents Egg Group
PichuElectricPikachu, Raichu, Alolan RaichuField, Fairy
CleffaNormal, FairyClefairy, Clefable,Fairy
IgglybuffNormal, FairyJigglypuff, WigglytuffFairy
TogepiNormal, FairyTogetic, TogekissFlying, Fairy
TyrogueFightingHitmonlee, Hitmonchan, HitmontopHuman-like
SmoochumIce, PsychicJynxHuman-like
ElekidElectricElectabuzz, ElectivireHuman-like
MagbyFireMagmar, MagmortarHuman-like
AzurillNormal, FairyMarill, AzumarillWater, Fairy
BudewGrass, PoisonRoselia, RoseradeFairy, Grass
Mime Jr.Psychic, FairyMr. Mime, Galarian Mr. Mime, Mr. RimeHuman-like
HappinyNormalChansey, BlisseyFairy
RioluFightingLucarioField, Human-like
MantykeWater, FlyingMantineWater
ToxelElectric, PoisonAmped Form Toxtricity, Low Key ToxtricityHuman-like