What is the definition of a Twitch raid? Answered

What is the definition of a Twitch raid? Answered ...

Twitch raids have existed for years now, and they have now spawned countless streamers into a rush. Back in the day, the raids used to be a purely communal, community-based exercise that creators would use to enhance the viewership of other streams. However, they also allowed some individuals to conduct targeted harassment campaigns on other streamers.

Through the creator dashboard, Twitch has welcomed raiding into its subculture. There have been significantly less instances of abuse from raids, so here''s everything you need to know about them.

What is a Twitch Raid?

A Twitch raid is a time when one streamer sends their viewers to another streamer. This is done in a number of ways and at different times.

A streamer might conduct a raid on a friend of theirs mid-stream for a cosmic effect. Similarly, raids are conducted at the end of one streamers broadcast.

This effect is effective in keeping their community entertained, but also in securing access to streamers who otherwise may not receive many views. It is not uncommon for medium to large streamers to raid a smaller streamer at the end of their stream, giving the smaller streamer hundreds of new viewers and a massive increase in their potential audience.

Raids can be performed informally, through communication between the streamer and their audience, or formally, via the creator dashboard. If a raid is conducted through the dashboard, the recipient has the choice of being raided.