F1 22: The Game's Best Drivers

F1 22: The Game's Best Drivers ...

F1 22 is poised to be one of the most successful launches in the series, with several tweaks and enhancements to make the entire package much more engaging and jam-packed with content. There''s no doubt that this studio will deliver when it comes to the most advanced and engaging racing sim.

Players may have the option of a driver of choice as well. It goes without saying that fans would want a thorough examination of all of the drivers in the game. So here''s an in-depth look at F1 22''s best drivers.

10 Sebastian Vettel (85)

Watching the once-great Sebastian Vettel with an 85 rating for F1 is absolutely stumbling. It''s easy to see why so many fans were stunned by the new game''s driver ratings.

Vettel is a footballer, but there''s no denying that his stint in Aston Martin and Ferrari''s failures cost him. That being said, an 85 rating still feels quite low for the four-time World Champion.

9 Carlos Sainz (87)

Carlos Sainz is one of the most underrated drivers on the grid. A few mistakes have definitely cost his place in the Championship Rankings, but there is no denying that this racer''s ability is pretty impressive.

With Leclerc being promoted as the main driver in Ferrari, only time will tell whether Sainz will fulfil his potential. With his 87 rating in F1 22, there''s nowhere to go but up for Carlos Sainz.

8 Sergio Perez (88)

Sergio Perez is one of the most talented and experienced drivers in Red Bull. He''s a solid teammate who has helped Max out of many tough spots to improve his position more and more.

While Perez is a regular on Red Bull, he has still come into his own with remarkable performances. That being said, his maturity is getting stuck, and there isn''t a lot of time left for the Mexican driver to restore his legacy.

7 Valtteri Bottas (88)

Bottas switched to Alfa Romeo in an effort to become the top driver in the team after a good day. This worked out, and Zhou Guanyu is certain to benefit from this veteran''s skills.

Given the amazing races he has been a part of in recent times, it''s easy to see why Bottas has an extremely high rating in Formula 22. He has been a driving force for Alfa Romeo and has helped the team score valuable points once and again.

6 Fernando Alonso (89)

Fernando Alonso is another legendary at this point. So, seeing him still be ranked in F1 22 is bound to be heartbreaking for many of his followers who have been following this legend from his early days as an F1 driver.

Spaniard has ridden in better automobiles, and the Alpine is a real test of his abilities as a racecar driver. However, Alonso has shown why he is still a cyclist in this mid-tier car, despite his ability to delight spectators... albeit on certain occasions.

5 Lando Norris (90)

Lando Norris is one of the most motivated youngsters in F1 right now. It''s easy to see why so many people rate him well, and his outrageous 90 rating in F1 22 montre just how high expectations are for this driver.

Quite a few people think this rating is justified, particularly considering that great drivers like Perez and Sainz will get a higher rating. For the most part, Norris does race like he''ll do justice by this high rating given the shoddy nature of the McLaren he''s been racing.

4 George Russell (90)

Because of the new regulations, Mr. Consistency is a force to be reckoned with, and expectations for him were high. However, the era of Mercedes dominance is effectively over, with the exception of a major manufacturing breakthrough.

Given the choppyness of the Mercedes he''s using to race, it''s still great to see that Russell finishes every race in the top five. It''s only a matter of time before this driver ends up getting some key points of his own.

3 Charles Leclerc (92)

Even with the challenges that Ferrari has faced in recent races, there are many people who believe that 2022 will be the year when this constructor will finally shine. This is a fantastic proposition.

Leclerc''s racing skills are truly superb, and this driver is poised to become one of the greatest figures in F1''s future, and fans can only hope that Ferrari gets their act together before Red Bull will take an unfavorable lead in both championships.

2 Lewis Hamilton (94)

Sir Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time. He''s broken a slew of records and is rightfully considered by many to be the greatest ever to have sat in an F1 automobile, which shows his remarkable past.

Hamilton will have a fairly unsettling start to the 2022 F1 season due to the new regulations surrounding porpoising in F1. It''s possible that Hamilton will finally get his groove back... although a championship is definitely off the table at this point.

1 Max Verstappen (94)

Super Max has sprung onto the scene in 2022 after a dramatic end to the previous F1 season saw him winning his first F1 World Championship title. This year, Max has surpassed the Swiss Cup''s top racer.

Red Bull is expected to make a bigger and better Max with the new and improved RB18. Another set of trophies is also awaiting the team.

The EA Sports F1 22 will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on July 1st.