Make a Mandalorian video game already

Make a Mandalorian video game already ...

You don''t have to take any risk of making a Mandalorian video game without having to stand on his lil green tipstoes. The Mandalorian is a fantastic TV show, but it''s still possible that Disney and LucasArts would make it make sense. The concept is right there. It''s crying out to be made. It hasn''t happened. What''s wrong?

It''s ridiculous how well Mando''s day job might fit into a video game. You visit a backwater Outer Rim town, pick up one of the cool holographic bounty pucks from an agent of the Bounty Hunters'' Guild, then go after your target. You fly into space and hunt them downgetting into cool Star Wars adventures along the waythen bring them back, dead or alive, and collect your payment. That''s right, a video game. It''s really

If someone did make a Mandalorian video game, it would be tempting to have the narrative follow the events of the show. Unlike the escort missions, it is not necessary to repeat it again. Djarin''s fateful encounter with The Child would be a mistake. Instead, a game should be focused on this period in his life, since he was a free agent with no real responsibilities. Then it would not be beholden to the show.

The sad Wild West story from Rockstar is an ideal example of a Mandalorian game. It''s not so much the open world in a story set across several planets but everything else. A downbeat, melancholy tone, focusing on how miserable life in the Outer Rimthe galactic frontiercan be. Flawful, nuanced characters, powerful stories, and planets with strong, sweeping Coen rothers landscapes.

While there may be a larger narrative to follow, GroguI''d rather play a Mandalorian game that just allowed me a lot of the Outer Rim to explore and completed with surprises. It might also draw inspiration from The Witcher 3, where a simple request to slay a monster might lead to huge, huge, tedious quests that spin off in unexpected directions. A bounty hunter''s life is about freedom, and a game should tap into that, letting youin the words of the Fett

Hell, it does not have to be a game about the Mandalorian, but a whole other galaxy. I like the idea of having a different charactercustomizing my armour and helmet. In the series, Djarin collects rare pieces of beskar steel and has the Armorer make him new pieces of Mandalorian armour with it. This allows you to gradually improve your gear as much as Mando does on TV.

There are currently a few mystery Star Wars games in development. There''s one character helmed by Amy Hennig, of Uncharted fame, who is reportedly aiming for the Rebel Alliance. There''s Ubisoft''s open world game, which is probably an entire console generation away. However, I doubt any of these will be the Mandalorian bounty hunter sim I''m dreaming of. I''ll keep you posted, however. I''m sorry.