The Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters are making Pacific unplayable

The Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters are making Pacific unplayable ...

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone is on course, with Fortunes Keep and some interesting new skins, but players claim to have identified an increase in cheaters in the battle royale, and have taken to Reddit to express their displeasure.

bwash407, a Reddit user, was able to instantly lock onto enemies as a result of the way this player is able to snap onto targets seemingly without having to even look at them. This has made it appear like a pretty obvious case of cheating.

CODWarzone requires Ricochet to go on vacation this week.

Ricochet must leave this week, according to the Redditor, in referring to a Call of Duty anti-cheat system, which punishes players who violate the rules by making their opponents invisible, nerfing their damage production down to zero, or losing their pistols completely.

Fans of Warzone say that the amount of cheaters they encounter has increased in recent weeks, causing them to be plagued by battle royale experiences. Its been really bad the last couple weeks, according to one player, Spa_5_Fitness_Camp. Getting to be unplayable. My squad now sees them.

I feel like hacking has increased lately, according to another Warzone player, Xkwizito, who claims that cheating has extended to season 4s new map. Ive probably seen a bunch of super obvious hackers on Fortunes Keep, as well as a host of potentially hazy hackers.

A surge in cheaters has been seen by Call of Duty professionals, including Cleveland Cam, a Warzone content creator and world record holder, tweets that cheating has been bad for me last four days. Multiple per day. StellarMoves, a Warzone Twitch streamer, also commented into 6 today in 6 hours. Each of them was a different cheater.

On June 16, Ricochet published a progress report on its efforts to stop Warzone cheaters, which might explain the potential, significant increase as Ricochet evolves to counter one form of cheating, cheaters develop new methods of avoiding detection, creating a constant game of one-upmanship.

According to Ricochet, anti-Cheat solutions are similar to anti-virus software. While our team has been able to develop software that can quickly detect and respond to bad behaviours, we know that tomorrow will continue to produce new and evolving threats.