DNF Duel: 7 Beginner Tips

DNF Duel: 7 Beginner Tips ...

Due to the beauty of quick combos and hype matches, fighting games as a genre can often seem quite attractive. However, they also have a bad reputation for being difficult to get into, as a result of complex gameplay.

DNF Duel is the latest release from legendary fighting game developer Arc System Works, known for titles like Guilty Gear and Persona 4 Arena. It has the name recognition to make it a great new game for beginners and beginners alike. Here are a few tips to help you get started in the first DNF camp.

7 Get Familiar With The Controls

Although combat games are quite similar on the surface, they may differ in a variety of ways. The first of these is in the controls themselves. If players are accustomed to other fighting games, DNFs controls might take a while.

DNF is a four-choice fighter, not counting the limited use Awakening Skill. This means the player only has four attack buttons, unlike Street Fighters 6 or SuperSmash Bros 3. These include the standard A, standard B, Skill, and MP Skill buttons. These buttons have similar functions for every character, so get familiar with them.

6 Get Comfortable With Big Attacks

Another feature of DNF that might be a lot more used to is the games bombastic attacks. Due to the fact that the game is developed, DNF Duels attacks are deliberately very wild. It''s possible that other fighters might make a special move.

It might be frustrating to see an opponent withdrawing out attacks that cover half the screen, or even the whole screen. Players must also remember that they have access to these huge moves, and that they have several strategies to deal with them effectively.

5 Pick Whoever Looks Cool

A player''s choice of character in a fighting game can have an important impact on how much they spend on it. This makes picking a character the first major choice in this game or any other fighting game. A good habit is to choose whatever character looks cool.

Even when they play the best character in the game, new players might not be motivated to play them if they don''t match their own playstyle or aesthetics. Despite the game''s popularity, simply playing as a favorite will keep players motivated. It''s always possible to try out other characters once new players improve.

4 Dont Worry About Inputs

Quite a lot of people want to go into fighting games, but don''t know what a quarter circle is or how to make a dragon punch motion. DNF Duel does not force new players to learn these inputs immediately.

All moves can be done with a single button or a button and a directional input, similar to platform fighters like Smash Bros. or Rivals of Aether. This includes MP skills, which are a player''s most powerful tools. Additionally, players may perform MP skills via inputs, which they may later benefit from.

3 Watch Mana Levels

The player''s blue meter represents the player''s mana, which is the player''s resource that controls all their abilities. Different MP skills utilize up a lot of mana, but if they are overused, the player will be unable to use these attacks for a few seconds, giving the opponent a huge advantage.

MP skills can be either done with a simple input or a motion input. Despite the fact that most players will eventually want to move on to the latter. Motion inputs reduce the cost of mana, allowing players to make bigger moves in a given combo.

2 Dont Be Too Defensive

While most fighters are more aggressive, it is possible to get scared and remain on the defensive. However, most players must have their own tactics to punish them for being too defensive. But DNF is not the same. Many chip damage is caused by the player''s shield, which will eventually break.

While chip damage will recover over time, players don''t want to lose up with too much of it. The shield meter next to the player''s health tells them how close the shield is to breaking. If the shield breaks, the player will be open to any attack the opponent wants to use, but be careful not to stay out the whole time.

1 Theres Always A Chance To Come Back

DNF offers options to get a much-earned comeback. The player''s health comes with a variety of benefits. Alongside getting more mana, the higher their health is, the more recoveryable health will be allowed to cancel moves. This allows players to unleash longer, stronger damage combos, or avoid being punished by their opponent.

Players who are at low health are also given access to their Awakening, a powered up state, and their super move. So, no matter how dire things appear, don''t give up.