Chaos and ClanDestines Come to Karachi in 'Ms. Marvel' Episode 4 Review

Chaos and ClanDestines Come to Karachi in 'Ms. Marvel' Episode 4 Review ...

While Kamala (Samina Ahmad) promised her granddaughter to visit her in Pakistan to solve the problem, the episode begins with the two of them on a plane bound to Karachi. This doesn''t mean everything is forgiven after Kamala''s (Saagar Shaikh) stunt happened. While Kamala is a proponent of her behavior, it appears she does not appear to be as willing to share with her mother.

In Kamala''s case, their grandparents are joined by Zainab (Vardah Aziz) and Owais, who are eager to display her around.

Before they can do that, Kamala and Muneeba go back to Sana''s house, where she and Kamala learn from the story behind the bracelet. Despite Muneeba''s mother''s concerns, she and her grandmother decided to pursue a trip to Karachi, recognizing that she did not get pregnant. Yet, Sana repeats that she and Kamala both shared a narrative about the train Sana took from India to Karachi.

While out with her cousins, Kamala is determined to investigate the train vision further and begs off the coffee shop excursion to make her own way to the train station instead. When he realizes who Kamala is, he brings her to the Red Dagger headquarters, where their leader Waleed (Farhan Akhtar) gives Kamala some additional context for the ClanDestines.

He assures her that she is not the djinn she''s heard of from myths or religious texts, and explains that the djinn is merely a by-product of where they came from when they crossed from their dimension into Kamala''s. This is a relief, to say the least, as it would be disconcerting if the ClanDestine''s alias was also deliberately linked to a group of people who were often wronged and misunder

Waleed instructs Kamala that if the ClanDestines take their hands on the bangle and open the veil of Noor that separates the two dimensions, Kamala''s hidden dimension will be devoured by the pair, proving to be more complex as Najma (Nimra Bucha) and the other ClanDestines withdraw from the Department of Damage Control, head to Karachi. As Najma (Rish Shah), the only one who does not accompany them

The writers Sabir Pirzada, A. C. Bradley, and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy make plenty of space to investigate not only the diaspora''s experience, but also the memories of those who lived here until their age. While Sana and her cousins are unaware of the past, they realize that they still know their histories, but also those who live there for the greater benefit of those who are fortunate.

The one major problem to this episode is the prolonged chase scene with the ClanDestines tracking down Kamala and Kareem. It''s true this is a feature of superhero shows, but Ms. Marvel isn''t allowed to, therefore there are only so many alleys to run down, trucks to dodge, and stalls to travel over before the whole thing becomes repetitive. In the third episode, the people of Karachi are simply too angry at the sudden influx of flying trucks and teenagers being chase

Although the sequence concludes with another sharp blow, it is certain that Najma opens the hole in space-time, throwing Kamala off on the back of a train station in India. It''s possible that Kamala might be the source of the "trail of stars" that reunites her grandmother and protects Kamala''s existence. I suppose time will tell.

B+ Rating

The first four episodes of Ms. Marvel are now available on Disney+.