Pokemon Go manufacturers compete in basketball with the NBA All-World championship

Pokemon Go manufacturers compete in basketball with the NBA All-World championship ...

Basketball is developing the Pokemon Gotreatment in NBA All-World, according to Niantics'' next augmented reality mobile game. Tuesday morning, the developer, the league, and its players association have announced the new title.

NBA All-World will use gameplay limitations that familiarize Pokemon Go fans and apply them to basketball as a recreational sport and lifestyle. Players will be able to collect star NBA players, buff and customize them with items picked up from their local games and teams at their neighborhood courts and other locations.

In an online briefing, Marcus Matthews, the games senior producer, told the media that he is wrapping the world around you into a basketball universe or something he likes to call "transforming the real world into a basketball theme park.

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Matthews, a veteran of Sega of Americas sports publishing and the world''s first NFL and NBA 2K games, was joined by Niantic in 2021 to oversee the NBA World. Adrienne OKeeffe, the NBA''s vice president for global partnerships, said the league and Niantic started talking about a collaboration five years ago, shortly after the launch of Pokemon Gos in summer 2016. It became a mainstream global phenomenon.

OKeeffe said that at the same time we were thinking about them. From our first meeting [] it was clear that we knew where this might go, and since then, we have been working on the game and anticipating this moment.

Matthews said he would focus on most aspects of recreational basketball he enjoyed growing up as a sports- and computing-obsessed kid in Jacksonville, Florida. We used to walk to the park and Id play basketball with my friends, and we were all there looking for bragging rights, he said. In NBA All-World, you may do the same thing.

The game will include a database of hundreds of thousands of real-life courts and other basketball-playing locations; players will also find stops at sporting goods stores or convenience stores, according to Matthews. Swinging by those could select a new pair of virtual shoes for an NBA All-World street baller, he said.

King of the Court games, similar to playing and winning showdowns in Pokemon Go gyms, will be one-on-one contests, using swipe-based exercises to shoot, block, post-up, and fake. NBA All-Worlds challenges will also include minigames, according to Matthews. Not only are we going to push the envelope on the AR part of the game, but also were going to push the envelope on the gameplay experience.

Glenn Chin, the head of global marketing for NBA All-World, said in the talk that, while collecting rare or exclusive drops, similar to the limited-time events players have thronged since Pokemon Gos'' launch. For example, the game will highlight the court in East Bay, where Damian Lillard, the Portland Trail Blazers star, moved on his game.

So its not just a random court that youre playing, according to Matthews. We know that with the diversity of players around the world who now play in the NBA, and who now play in different leagues, different cities, and different college communities, there will be a precedent in which a traditional mobile or console game cannot do.

Niantic believes that NBA All-World is more than a casual sports video game than a core gaming experience. Developers want it to appeal to casually interested fans as well as superfans of the league, which Chin said through different channels, from music to sneaker culture.

The leaderboards, at real courts, will be an anchor of the experience, according to Matthews. It will not be the only experience. I''d love for someone like my niece, who excels in the sixth grade and plays on her middle school team, to be able to acquire a player like Steph Curry in our game, and customize her player. She may never compete to become a top player, but there''s plenty of space for her to have a great day.

NBA All-World does not have a launch date or release window, but Niantic is taking registrations at NBAAllWorld.com. It will be available on Android and iOS mobile devices.