The Fall Guys battle pass encourages being a loser

The Fall Guys battle pass encourages being a loser ...

A week ago, Fall Guys took a huge step, going free-to-play, and launching for the first time on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles (alongside existing PlayStation and PC players) assuming that the game isn''t causing any damage when it comes to leveling up the battle pass. In other words, losing in the very first round might be your best bet.

Fame is earned by playing rounds and completing challenges. Despite challenges, Fame earned just by playing has increased to 24. Fame is also earned after clearing our daily and weekly challenges. Which means the best reward you get once you clear our first round is the 24 points.

Players may also lose in the first round, so they can effectively rack up as many of these 24 Fame stacks as possible.

The benefit of sticking the Fame out through an entire game was reduced because of the fact that Fall Guys rewarded winners with Crowns, which they could then be used on various cosmetics. In this new free-to-play era, Crowns are no longer used as a currency. Instead, they add significantly to your Crown Rank, which gradually unlocks a few few cosmetics. It is far less effective than it once was to be great at Fall Guys.

Weve reached out to a mediatonic representative to see if there are any initiatives the developer is taking to deal with this issue. It will likely have to shift the Fame gains in Fall Guys to ensure that intentionally losing isn''t a valid strategy. Otherwise they may want to change the game''s name to Taking the Fall Guys.