DC Comics assures Black Adam a major shakeup just in time for the The Rocks movie

DC Comics assures Black Adam a major shakeup just in time for the The Rocks movie ...

What is the intention of Black Adam, the Warner Bros. film starring Dwayne Johnson, to make the characters more contemporary to a movie about his own origin story? The answer is unclear. But as for the DCs Black Adam miniseries, writer Priest and artist Rafa Sandoval show they are doing what they want in the first issue. It''s a model Adam would be proud of.

Black Adam appears to be a rogue antihero, he is the supreme god-king of a wealthy Middle Eastern country who occasionally deigns to testily collaborate with the Justice League. A kind of true-neutral Doctor Doom, paternalistically defending his peoples borders as he is worshipped as a deity.

Priest and Sandoval form the character, who plays with ideas of total power and lethal justice, in Black Adam #1. And they also introduce Washington D.C. medical resident Malik White, Adams descendant, who is in talks to take over.

What else is happening in our favorite comics'' pages? Well, here''s a quick look at our weekly list of the books that our comics editor liked this week. Its part society pages of superhero lives, part reading recommendations, and part look at this cool art. There may be some spoilers. There may be some spoilers. But there will be plenty of things to be said. (And if you missed the last edition, read this.)

Black Adam #1

Priest, a writer who has been bouncing in and out of and around superhero comics since the 70s, is a writer with a, shall we say, distinct personality. Sometimes, it works for me, sometimes it does. However, he always has something to say, and he doesn''t seem to ever withdraw from saying it, which is certainly beneficial to his books.

X-Men Red #3

I joked that the last five pages of X-Men Red #3 might be better than sex, and well, thats hyperbole, but then again... writer Al Ewing and artist Stefano Caselli pull one of those tricks where it looks like they''re just playing in the sandbox, until the moment you realize theyve had a stick and a ball and a tee here the entire time, which is the exact moment of the crack of the bat.

Newburn #8

Chip Zdarsky, the writer, and artist Jacob Phillips Newburn wrap up their first sequence with a promise of more, and im happy to know that it found enough of an audience to continue writing. Even before the touching touch, it seemed to me that all that meandering was going somewhere, and that there was all of the great crime story standbys of crooks, thorny deals, dark favors, and doing whatever you have to do to protect your own.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #1

I''m wrong that every Captain America comic has at least a little bit of him chilling with normal people. This is incredible.

The Lonesome Hunters #1

The Lonesome Hunters is a fictional character who grows old enough to fight demons as a lonely old man, plus a young partner. I''m looking forward to seeing more from the filmmaker.

Do a Powerbomb #1

Daniel Warren Johnson, a writer and artist, has inherited a lot of money with me, so I was prepared for his Do a Powerbomb, a comedy born from his experience of falling head first into professional wrestling. From the real world of kayfabe and performative wrestling, the daughter of a champion who was fatally injured in the ring is forced into a supernatural wrestling tournament inside a hut controlled by a necromancer. Yes, please.

Iron Man #20

There is no discussion here. I just thought you might want to see it.