The location guide for the Raft Varuna Point note is

The location guide for the Raft Varuna Point note is ...

Varuna Point is Raft''s sixth story island, and many narrative notes are hidden around the area. Our Raft Varuna Point note location guide reveals the area''s significance.

We also outline the first line of each note so you can see what youre missing. Make sure to look around for glowing objects if youre having trouble finding a note, as notes will have a yellow-ish sheen.

The Varuna Point reference page has seven words, which you may see here.

The first note is on a weight underwater, straight past the glowing jellyfish. These jellyfish will be covering an opening into the building underwater, but they will move when the light shines on them.

The second note is past the first. Head up the elevator shaft and into the backmost room to find it on a table next to a spotlight component.

This note is on a box with some rubble on it, which was once again discovered shortly after entering the tunnel originally blocked by jellyfish. Its right before the Grabbers traps and spikes.

This note is at the top of the crane on a crate next to a diagram for an electric grill.

This note is on the parkour (or jump puzzle) side of Varuna Point above the water. It''s sitting on a piece of metal by a smaller crane machine.

This note is at the beginning of the steep path and behind the Motherlode Key.

The last note of Varuna Point is the Temperance Code, which is at the bottom of the building where you must take the crane to. If you want to continue the story, you should take the crane to the bottom.