Waifu Tier List of Genshin (July 2022)

Waifu Tier List of Genshin (July 2022) ...

Genshin Impact has a great storyline and is supplying new content to players regular. There is nevertheless one universal concept which makes the game even more attractive. It is one of the reasons why travelers like to play the game.

If you have ever watched anime or have developed romantic feelings for a female fictional character, you will be overwhelmed by playing Hoyoverses. We have created a waifu tier list to help us make things easier for our guests.

Genshin Impact Waifu Tier List

Waifu is an urban term for fictional characters who are appealing and eager to express romantic feelings among their viewers. Unlike our best characters tier lists, we have analyzed each character on their appearance and how they feel about them.

The S-Tier is reserved for goddesses. They reign supreme in beauty and will almost certainly melt your hearts in the game.

  • Eula Mesmerizing eyes and great artworks.
  • Lumine One of the main characters. Beautiful eyes and windy hair.
  • Yae Miko One of the best artworks in the game.
  • Raiden Shogun Great design, beautiful hair and eyes.
  • Mona Very adorable and amazing expressions.
  • Lisa Stunning and probably a little too flirty.
  • Hu Tao Arguably the best designed character in the game.

The A-Tier also has some of the most spectacular features from Genshin Impact. Some people might argue their positions with S-Tier, but thats exactly fine. The competition is stiff.

  • Kamisato Ayaka Kind and sweet. Soothing voice and calmness.
  • Keqing We were confused ourselves between S and A tiers. Thats how good she is.
  • Amber Caring and cute. One of the early characters in the game.
  • Yelan Amazing eyes and subtle smile.
  • Mao Xiangling Extremely adorable and a chef.
  • Jean Studious and efficient. She also has good facial design.
  • Kujou Sara Flawless design and great outfits. Beautiful eyes and short hair.
  • Ganyu Another competitor for S-Tier. Beautiful long hair and mesmerizing eyes.

The B-Tier also has some pretty girls. However, they aren''t as likable in the community as the above levels. As always, opinions may differ.

  • Yoimiya Very cute and fun to be around.
  • Fischl Loving and cute. Great accent and voice in the game.
  • Barbara Very bubbly and adorable character.
  • Yanfei A lawyer yet fun to be with. Sharp design.
  • Kokomi Another super cute character. Divine like hair.
  • Shenhe Intoxicating eyes and graceful vibes. A little negative at times.

We have reached C-Tier. Here are the most appropriate characters as friends. However, some people might disagree.

  • Sucrose Nerdy but cute. Decent design.
  • Yun Jin Short hair and adorable.
  • Rosaria Cute but serious. Great eyes and design.
  • Noelle Adorable short hair and subtle smile.

This is the last segment on our list. That doesn''t mean the ladies on this page aren''t acceptable. They''re still popular for a small number of people.

  • Beidou Fiery vibes. Decent looks and long hair.
  • Kuki Shinobu Wears a mask but has telling eyes.
  • Xinyan Not in favorites of many, but decent.
  • Ningguang Unorthodox clothing and interesting style.

We have sorted out the waifus in Genshin Impact''s tier list. Although we tried best to match characters according to their appearances, we know some people may disagree. Beauty is subjective, and this is a good guide to what you can expect from the game.